10 Red-Hot Oral Sex Positions (For Him)


Oral sex positions can make a world of difference during a fellatio session – it can make fellatio exciting, relaxing or even uncomfortable. It is important to find a few that both you and your partner are comfortable with and utilize those (and mix them up) on a regular basis. You can also try new ones to spice up your normal fellatio routine. Here, we’ll list several that you and your partner can try!

On Your Knees

This is perhaps the most versatile fellatio position that there is, and probably the most widely used. You can do this with him standing and you kneeling, or with him in a chair (or on the edge of the bed) and you on your knees in front of him accordingly. This is probably the one that you will want to use if you’re performing fellatio on your partner in different places, such as in the car or in the laundry mat, etc. He may enjoy the feeling of dominance he has over you.

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Have your lover stand and lift one leg, placing his foot on either a stool, or the edge of the bed. This slight change in the traditional position allows you access to his testicles and also opens the “breezes” so that when you lick and get him wet, he’s more exposed.

Upside Down

Any oral sex positions in which your head is facing your partner’s feet is ideal for deep throating. This one is most comfortable while lying on a bed or other flat surface and can be incorporated into mutual oral sex (69) or just oral sex for him.

Lying Down

This is much like the above; however, your head will be facing your partner’s head instead of his feet. This is a great one in which your partner can put his legs on your shoulders, spread his legs wide, and raise his knees to his chest or any combination of the above. This type of variation can bring him more pleasure and you greater access to his penis.

The Koala Bear

Remember photos of a Koala Bear hanging on to a tree? When you’re lying down, just shift to the side. He will have a great view of your mouth pleasuring him and you can throw one your legs around him and stimulate yourself against his lower leg. He’ll feel how wet and turned on you are!


Or a sideways sixty-nine position – this one is exactly how it sounds. You both will lie on your sides facing each other, with your head facing your partner’s feet. You can use this for mutual oral sex or for pleasing only him. It’s also a good for deep throating!

Sitting (On Your Face)

In this position, your partner will sit mainly on your chest, bringing his penis downwards and into your mouth. Generally, his knees will be resting on either side of you on the bed to avoid putting too much pressure on your body. To do this, however, you and your partner will need some kind of signal that you can use to let him know if he is penetrating your mouth too deeply or if you are gagging or finding it difficult to breathe. This frees up both of your hands because he is controlling the speed from this angle. It gives you time to use your hands to stroke his buttocks and the backs of his thighs and to run your hands up his stomach and onto his chest.

Doggy Style Isn’t Just For Intercourse

Yyou can perform fellatio in a doggy style position too! You can lick your partner’s penis and testicles from behind, if both you and your partner are comfortable having your face so close to his anus and back end, or you can put him on his hands and knees and you work your body up under him and place your mouth where that your vagina would normally be. I call this one a “double decker doggy” since you are both on your hands and knees – but you are up under him facing the opposite direction. Most of the work is on the woman, but it makes for a ‘different’ blow job experience for the man. It is less visual than some of the other oral sex positions but ranked up there with the men surveyed who have tried it!

Him Sitting With His Knees Up

As he is sitting in the middle of the bed with his legs bent – your head is between his legs and your backside is up in the air. Place a large mirror off the bed so that he has a full view of you naked and can look down to see your head between his legs and so that he can see the visual of your naked backside. Arch your back and move as you are giving him a blowjob so that he enjoys the visual stimulation of watching your body move in front of him and in the mirror.

Lying On Your Back

This one is a little tricky, but if situated well, you are at a prime angle for deep throating. Lie on a bed with your head at the edge of the bed (this is important – other flat surfaces won’t do because you’ll need to be raised up a couple feet). Your partner will get on his feet or knees (depending on how far off the ground your bed is) and guide his penis into your mouth.

To successfully do this, you will need to hang your head off the edge of the bed just enough so that your mouth is level with your partner’s penis. In this position though, you will need to utilize that signal in case your partner begins thrusting too hard and you cannot breathe. If done properly, however, this one can be a lot of fun!

This also gives him free reign with his hands so that he can play with your breasts as well.

A great trick is if you are willing to swallow, it to have a glass of warm water on the nightstand. When he is close to ejaculating, have him tap your shoulder, quickly fill your mouth with the warm water and lie back down – the sensation of him ejaculating into your mouth filled with warm fluid and you swallowing it down is something he won’t forget.

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