16 Oral Sex (And Other) Facts You Didn’t Know!


Oral sex isn’t always just what meets the eye (or mouth) – did you know these surprising oral – and other sex facts?

For those of you who find quick tips appealing without the need to read over in detail a large amount of information, peek through these interesting leaps in science and society for some useable suggestions and facts about oral sex.

Flossing And Brushing Increases Risk

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Risk of what, you ask? The risk of contracting a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD), unfortunately. Brushing and flossing if done right may open miniscule cuts, expose more surfaces, and increase the chances of bleeding. So instead of doing your nightly hygiene routine before going down, just swish some mouthwash and leave the full cleaning until a few hours after you’re finished.

Saliva May Protect Against Some STD’s

Swedish researchers discovered after following several dozen HIV-positive patients and their lovers, that thirteen of the study’s participants developed antibodies in their saliva that protected them against their partner’s disease. Now, that doesn’t mean that HIV cannot be contracted through oral sex, but it does show promise with determining what does protect people from the disease, and how to lower one’s risks to contracting it.

Women Just As Hot To Trot As Men

There is a myth circulating that states women take approximately twenty minutes to get aroused. Interestingly, a study performed at McGill University found that women are aroused just as fast as men are (on average) in about 11 to 12 minutes.

Don’t Dismiss Playing With Her Breasts

Masters and Johnson discovered that one percent of the women they tested were able to orgasm just from having their breasts and nipples played with.

Surgery Might Be Moot

In North America, there’s a new surgery sold to women who feel that their Labia are too big, long, or droopy. The procedure, called a labiaplasty, is mainly used with women who feel that the size of their labia prevents them from achieving a positive sex life. Yet in Uganda, women take a mixture of herbs and apply them to their Labia to make them plumper and longer, believing that their male partners find this attractive.

The Feet Have It

The next time you want to get your partner in the mood, try an old reflexology tactic that is sure to get her lower half raring to go: find the soft bit right under the ankle bone on her heel, and stroke it with a firm grasp in small circles.

Day Fifteen Is the Sweet Spot

Depending on the woman, some find that the middle of their cycle is the hottest and most conducive to some really exciting action. The next time she tells you it’s that time of the month, make a note on your calendar for two weeks after. Within a day or two of that mark, her body might be specially primed for sensual touch. Yet it’s the few days just before menstruation and during that women are most likely to orgasm, as the increase in blood flow in the genital region allows for better lubrication and sensitivity, thus increasing their pleasure quotient.

Coffee As a Sexual Motivator

A recent study found that a jolt of caffeine helped rats become more sexually motivated. One more reason to make sure you and your partner get your daily dose, especially if you’re a fan of the wake up romp.

Sexual Desire Drops After Four Years

Not surprisingly, a team of German biologists found that women desire sex less once they are in a committed, long term relationship. The longer they were together it seemed, the more their libido dropped; after four years, half of the women questioned wanted sex less than their partners did.

Fantasy Helps Satisfy

The more a woman fantasizes say researchers, the more satisfied she is with her sex life. Increase her pleasure by asking her to tell you about her favorite sexual fantasies while you’re going down on her, and see what happens.

The Pill As A Pill

The Journal of Sexual Medicine reported that women who come off the Pill may experience lower levels of arousal for up to a year after stopping the medication. Researchers think that it may have to do with a protein called SHBG, which stops testosterone from forming a building block to sexual arousal for both men and women. If you suspect coming off the Pill as the reason why your lady isn’t as excited as normal, try feeding her bananas, avocados, figs and/or pine nuts, all which have shown to (safely) increase testosterone without any of nasty side effects that testosterone in a bottle might harbor.

How Long Does It Last?

If it takes you and your partner about ten minutes to move from foreplay to sex, you aren’t alone. The Journal of Sex Research found that the average amount of time couples spend on foreplay is 11 to 13 minutes per session.

She’s Filled With Nerves

The tip of a woman’s clitoris holds around eight thousand nerve endings more than any other part of the human body. In contrast, the head of a man’s penis only has about four thousand.

She Comes Last

During sex, more than seventy-five percent of men have an orgasm during sex, whereas women climax all of the time closer to thirty percent. That’s why giving your partner oral helps to increase those odds, because you know she’s been taken care of, first.

The Smells That Arouse

Women are most attracted to men whose breath smells like peppermint, whereas men find the combination of pumpkin and lavender on a woman to be the most arousing.

Oral Sex As A Medical Prescription

In 1926, via Theodore van de Velde’s book, Ideal Marriage, cunnilingus was prescribed as the first ‘legitimate’ method to ensure a woman’s adequate lubrication prior to intercourse.

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