3 Mistakes & Blunders That You Should Not Make When Learning How To Give Head To A Guy!


Do I have to swallow once he ejaculates?  What if he wants me to take it all in but I can’t? What if my gag reflex takes over and find out that once I’m down there, I just can’t do it? When learning how to give head to a guy, these are just some of the dilemmas that women face.

But if you want to give your man as much pleasure as he is giving you, then you would need to do your part and learn how to go down on him.  If you’re at a loss as to what you should do once you’re down there, then let’s start with the top 3 mistakes that you should not make when giving head to a guy.

Mistake #1: Treating His Equipment Like Breakable China

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This is probably one of the most common mistakes that women make when learning how to give head to a guy. This could be due to the fact that when men are performing cunnilingus, women prefer them to be a bit gentle – especially when targeting the clitoris.

However, when it comes to a man’s penis, it is neither fragile nor breakable so don’t think that you should treat it and hold it like your grandmother’s fine china. Sure, it’s okay to treat it gently initially, but when things heat up later on, you need to amp up the pressure.

Mistake #2: Going Too Fast When Going Down On Him  

How many times have you heard the maxim that men are such visual creatures? This is perfectly true, so why would you want to make it look like you’re in a hurry when you’re going down on him?

It’s okay to indulge in a quickie every once in a while during penetrative sex, but giving him head is not one of those instances.  Take your time, look him in the eye while you’re doing it and treat him to a visual, sensual feast while you’re loving his penis.

Mistake #3:  Getting Carried Away With All That Sucking

You want him to moan in pleasure – not in pain – so don’t get carried away with all that sucking! There’s definitely a wrong way to give a guy head – and sucking too hard is one of them. This is especially true if you are dealing with the most sensitive part of his penis which is the head.

The best way to do it is by taking more and more of his penis – slowly – into your mouth, and then applying a moderate suction.

Make sure to avoid these top three blunders that women make when giving a guy head, and you’ll be on your way towards mastering the art of fellatio

Now that you already have an idea about the most common mistakes that women make when giving head, what exactly is the correct way of doing it? Visit our site to get a blow-by-blow account on how to properly give a guy head.

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