3 Mistakes From How to Give Head Videos: Sex Lessons To Learn From Adult Videos About Giving Head


If there’s one thing about sex that men and women do not agree on, it’s the fact that men do like their porn – so much so that some seem to think that their sessions in the sack should mimic an adult film.

Although women do not find hardcore porn to be as arousing the way that men do, are there any ‘lessons’ that they can learn from something like a ‘how to give head video’? First, let’s try to check on the top mistakes that women make when giving men some oral love.

Mistake #1: Not Giving His Equipment All Your Attention

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If there’s one thing that women should learn from female adult film stars, it’s the fact that enthusiasm counts for a lot. When you watch an adult film which features a woman giving head, you might be amazed at how enthusiastic she is – and keeps going at it for minutes and minutes!

There’s probably the fantasy factor added on to the mix – but the one lesson that you should learn is that men wouldn’t be watching these films if they’re not a major turn on.  As such, take a cue from the adult film stars and give his equipment all your attention – and look like you mean to go on giving him head until he reaches his boiling point.

Mistake #2: Not Being Open To Different Positions  

Visit any sex guide on the Internet and you will see that there is more than one position which will give you comfort – and give him the ultimate pleasure – while giving head. The next time that you see a unique position from a sex video, make sure to try some of the positions out.

Mistake #3:  Not Trying to Take It All In

Being able to deep throat is like the Holy Grail of a woman’s sexual skills – and it is something that you should try at least once. If you find out that you’re unable to do it, that is perfectly fine because taking it all in should never be a requirement when giving head.

Now that you know about the top mistakes that women make on how to give head, you can probably take a cue from these adult videos so that you can amp up your own sex life.

Basically, the lessons that you should learn from something like a ‘how to give head video’ would be to appear enthusiastic while you’re going down on him; take your time in pleasuring a man while you’re down there and to use a combination of your hands, mouth, tongue and lips to give him sensations that will send him shooting though the roof!

Since you already know about the top mistakes that women make when watching a how to give head video, wouldn’t you love to learn exactly how the proper way of going down on him is done?  Visit our site to get a step-by-step guide that you can use to improve your oral skills and give your man a mind-blowing time in bed!

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