3 Oral Sex Positions That Will Leave You Feeling Like A Gymnast


Oral sex positions can make things hotter than you ever thought possible – these acrobatic oral sex positions will make you a pro!

Sometimes, the good old fashioned missionary position during oral sex just isn’t enough to make you feel like you’re getting enough variety in your sex life. For those who really want something unique, there are a couple of oral sex positions that few have tried or if they have, mastered. All of these require a healthy partner with some flexibility, and none are recommended for long-term adventures because of their acrobatic requirements. Still, they can inject some levity into your sexual repertoire, just make sure you both stretch and get limber, first.

The Crab

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Have the guy lie on his back, propped up with pillows behind his head and shoulders. The lady then sits on his belly with her legs at his ears and her hands by his knees, and pushes her belly towards the ceiling so she looks like a crab crawling. She can then move as close or as far away from her partner as she wants, even using pillows underneath her buttocks if she gets tired. This does, however, require quite a bit of upper arm strength on the woman’s part. If you are actually able to master this oral sex position, it can definitely create some new sensations that you’ve never experienced before!

Partial Headstand

The partial handstand sounds a bit more difficult than it really is. Have the man sit down in a comfortable position where his knees are bent and wide apart. A pillow should be between his feet. Then have the woman climb from behind the man, and wrap herself around him so that her head is on the pillow, her thighs on his shoulders, and her knees around his head. There are some women who swear by this position, as it forces all the blood to their head, thus increasing orgasm intensity, but it can be a challenging pose for both partners, especially in the middle of her thrashing about.

Supported Headstand

Take a thick blanket and fold it so that it’ll support the woman’s shoulders and neck –  if she’s a yoga fan, she’ll know exactly what to do. Then have her put her shoulders along the longest side of the blanket and help her get into the headstand position. The man should hold her legs so that the backs of her thighs are supported by his shoulders, and that when he looks down her body, he looks right into her eyes. The folks that have tried this position say they love it, because it’s one that is very connected, plus it allows for easy access to her genitals and breasts, but for obvious reasons can be quite dangerous to hold for any length of time as well. This is one of the oral sex positions that is the most difficult, however, if you achieve it for any length of time, you’re going to be very pleased with the results!

Remember that if any of these positions hurt or cause discomfort at all to stop immediately! A safe word might be a good idea here, as is a back up plan if you find that the more acrobatic oral sex positions aren’t working that well for you.

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