3 Oral Sex Positions To Use On Him Right Now


Good oral sex positions are essential to giving great head. Surprisingly enough, this actually has very little to do with his enjoyment. A blowjob is going to feel great in almost any position you put him in, although the positions that allow him to watch are going to be the ones he likes best.

A variety of oral sex positions are important to have to keep you comfortable. You can’t give good head if you’ve got a cramp in your neck or you feel like your knees are going to crack from pressing into a hard floor. If you’re uncomfortable, you won’t enjoy giving head very much, because you won’t be able to concentrate on your lover’s pleasure. Your partner will also notice that you aren’t very enthused about going down on him, which will put a damper on his pleasure as well. So any oral sex position that you choose that is good for you is good for him also.

1. Sitting, With Your Partner On The Edge Of The Bed Or Couch

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How To Do It

Have your partner sit on the edge of the bed with his legs spread wide. Sit down cross legged in front of him, on a pillow if you need extra support. If your bed is too high for you to achieve this, you can also use the couch. Choose a spot that allows you to be face level with your lover’s penis.

Why This Rocks

Sitting cross legged during a blowjob is actually quite comfortable – much more so than sitting on your knees. If the edge of the bed is low enough, or if you’ve used the couch instead, his genitals should be level with your face, allowing you to use both your mouth and hands to pleasure your lover without having to strain your neck at all. This position also allows you to make excellent eye contact with your lover.

2. With Your Partner Lying On His Side, You On All Fours

How To Do It

This is one of the more typical oral sex positions that women use when giving their lover fellatio, but you’re going to make a few modifications. Women typically begin by coming up under their lovers’ penis, grabbing it and angling it downward towards their mouth. This can put quite the strain on the neck!

Instead, straddle your lover so your face is just a little higher than his penis. Angle your head and mouth downwards towards his penis. This stretches out the neck and provides more natural up and down movement, making it much more comfortable to give head for extended periods of time while he’s lying down.

Why This Rocks

This move actually has a few caveats – because your head is angled downward, your lover can’t see as much of what is going on. You also can’t use your hands much to pleasure him either, because you will be using your hands to support most of your weight. On the plus side, your partner has the opportunity to totally relax and submerge himself in the moment, allowing him to focus on his pleasure and orgasm. This can make the experience much more intense for him!

3. With Him Standing And You On Your Knees

Again, this is one of the standard oral sex positions. It is widely used and many men enjoy it because it gives them an even stronger sense of being in control and having a woman “submit” to him sexually.

How To Do It

Have your man stand against something like a wall or door. This allows him to relax some and the wall will catch him if his knees become weak while you’re going down on him. Some men will not be able to enjoy themselves fully if they’re standing freely in the middle of a room, because their muscles cannot relax – they’re too concerned with not falling (which of course, if your blowjob is any good, is a real concern!) Having him lean up against a wall will help.

Why This Rocks

When you get on your knees in front of your man, make sure you have a pillow or a rolled up blanket underneath your knees! This is essential for your comfort! If your man is short enough, you may be able to rest your butt on your heels off and on while you give him head, allowing you to change your position for comfort without compromising his pleasure too much. This is one of the oral sex positions that allows for great eye contact – although his eyes might just be rolling into the back of his head!

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