3 Oral Sex Tips That Will Drive Her Wild


Every man wants to be able to give his partner orgasms that will simply drive her wild and have her begging for more. How can you make her toes curl in the bedroom and forget everything but what you’re doing to her and how close she is to having an orgasm?

These three tried and true tips from Daniel Rose’s Sex God Method will teach you the most simple and basic techniques that will have the biggest impact.

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Preheat The Oven

The biggest complaint that women have about oral sex is that their partners just dive right in, without any foreplay. Technically, oral sex is considered foreplay to the main event, but it’s important to have a little smaller foreplay before getting into oral sex with a woman. A woman isn’t like a blowtorch – she doesn’t fire up as soon as you hit the button. Women are more like ovens – it takes them time to preheat before they’re ready to bake. If you want to give your girlfriend the most amazing oral sex she’s ever had, take some time to kiss her body, nibble her thighs and really work up to going down on her before you start going for the gold.


Another complaint that women have about oral sex is that their partners start out too fast, even if they’ve had a little pre-oral sex foreplay to warm them up. Once you’ve completed step one, you’re work isn’t done yet – you’re still not ready to dive right in. Pretend you’re a DJ at a night club – you want to play slower tempo music as the people are arriving, and then really get into the jams once the people are ready to party. Oral sex is the same way – play some softer “music” while beginning to go down on your partner, with slow licking and soft kissing. When she’s heated up, feel free to rock out with your cock out (no pun intended)!

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to actually be slow (although she may like that) but the idea is “steady.” As your partner gets more and more heated up and is ready to approach climax, stay steady. Don’t change what you’re doing – women hate that! It takes a great maneuver to be repeated over and over to bring a girl to orgasm through oral sex, so once you find that sweet technique, simply stick with it. You’ll hear how her responses turn from tickled gasps to breathtaking screams as she gets closer and closer to orgasm.

Part of giving your girl a great orgasm through oral sex is experimenting with different techniques and communicating with your partner about which techniques work better and which ones don’t. Don’t be afraid to let each other know what you like and don’t like – that’s truly the key to absolutely, positively mind blowing sex! The other trick to giving your girl a mind blowing orgasm through oral sex is to act like you want it – not that it’s a chore. If you really want to go down on her, let her know how much!

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