4 Mistakes On How To Give Head To A Guy


Would you like to have a crash course on how you can master the art of fellatio? As you may already know, being good at oral sex is a skill that most women would like to develop – but it’s quite intimidating once you’re down there.

What if your teeth graze the skin of his penis while you’re giving him a blowjob?  What if you accidentally suck too hard because you don’t know the right amount of pressure to apply?  What if your gagging reflex is triggered?

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Learning how to give head to a guy properly would normally involve mistakes – especially if you’re new at it. But don’t worry, practice makes perfect. In order for you to be a better lover, take a look first at the top 5 mistakes that most women make when going down on a man – and these are the things that you should steer clear of.

Mistake #1: Not Being Enthusiastic Enough  

For both men and women, being with an unresponsive lover is a definite turn off. The same thing applies to a woman who considers giving blowjobs to be a chore.

When you’re going down on him, show him how much you love what you’re doing. Maintain eye contact, don’t be afraid to slobber a bit and make the moans and groans that you would usually make when you’re having penetrative sex.

Your enthusiasm would be a huge turn on for him and help him achieve an orgasm real quick.

Mistake #2: Not Allowing Things To Get Really Wet

It may sound distasteful for women, but most men agree that the more saliva or lubrication you use while giving him head, the better the feeling is for them. Before you move your mouth up and down his penis, wet it with your saliva.

Better yet, be a bit on the creative side and swallow a bit of warm coffee or some cold water before taking him into your mouth. The sensation of the liquid combined with the sucking motions that you will make should send him through the roof! 

Mistake #3:  Grazing Him With Your Teeth

Although some men would not mind feeling a bit of a graze from your teeth while receiving head, it is not a sensation that everyone enjoys.  The rule of no teeth while giving blow jobs should always apply – so keep those fangs covered with your lips.

Mistake #4:  Not Communicating With Him 

Just like every other aspect of your sex life, it will greatly improve your ‘performance’ if you will have a talk with him about what he likes when you’re giving him head.

Be extra attentive to his moans and groans while you’re down there, take a cue from how his hands are moving on the back of your head and how he is moving his hips. By avoiding the top 4 mistakes that women make when giving head, you will be on your way towards mastering your skills at fellatio and be the best lover that you can be.

Now that you already have an idea about the top 4 mistakes that women make when learning how to give head to a guy, visit our site to get a load of tips, tricks and techniques that you can use to be a maser at giving mind-blowing head.

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