4 Mistakes That Most Women Make When Learning How To Give A Guy Head


No matter how much you suck (pun intended) at going down on your man, it’s definitely the one skill that you should acquire if you want him to consider you as a keeper.

If you don’t like going down there, just consider it as a way of returning a favor. If you like all the attention that your nether regions are getting when he goes down on you – just imagine how doubly pleasurable it will be for him if you’re the one who will voluntary go down on her knees to pleasure your man.

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Now, what are the top mistakes that most women make when learning how to give a guy head?  Read on to find out.

Mistake #1: Considering Giving Head To Be A Chore

Again, it all boils down to your attitude once you go down there. Don’t expect him to come after a few minutes of your playing with his member without even the least bit of enthusiasm.

How would you like it if he went down on you and you feel as if he spent the obligatory couple of minutes licking your clitoris without really meaning it? Remember that men are such visual creatures – and they need to see that once you go down on him to give him head, you don’t consider it to be a chore.

Mistake #2: Thinking That All You Need To Use Is Your Tongue 

Although there are men who love having their penises licked like a lollipop every once in a while, it should not be the be-all and end-all of your oral skills.

Giving a guy head involves using your tongue, your clipped fingernails, no teeth, and a combination of strokes, a few jerks and some gentle tugging motion that will literally send him to seventh heaven with your oral ministrations. 

Mistake #3:  Totally Ignoring His Family Jewels

This is perhaps one of the most common mistakes that women make when learning how to give a guy head. Although it is good to focus all your attentions on the penis itself when you’re giving him a blow job, you should not forget that men love having their balls tugged, licked and played with.

Mistake #4: Not Giving Yourself A Chance To Learn How To Deepthroat

Being able to take it all in is like the Holy Grail of giving a man the ultimate oral pleasure – much like his being able to give you a G-spot orgasm. Although this isn’t a necessity every time you are giving your guy head, it is a handy skill to have if you want to be the kind of lover that he won’t be able to forget anytime soon.

By avoiding these top mistakes that women make when giving a guy head, you can be the ultimate lover that you can be and give your man a mind blowing time in bed, both literally and figuratively.

After learning about the top mistakes that most women make on how to give a guy head, visit our site to learn more about the tips, tricks and techniques when it comes to giving your man some oral love.

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