4 Naughty, Forbidden Places For Great Oral Sex


Oral sex is a lot of fun, but it can be even more titillating when you do it somewhere other than your bedroom. Here’s where to go to make oral sex even hotter.

As in most things, a little creativity can go a long way to spicing up your relationship. If you think about it, performing fellatio on a guy is pretty straight-forward, but add to that the elements of forbidden areas, stolen moment, and the fear of getting caught – well, it could be the best sex you guys have ever had!

On The Balcony

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So near, yet so far. This is the feeling you guys will get when you engage in oral sex at your own balcony. Think about it. You’re still ‘home’. It’s your own place. And there’s probably a spot secluded enough so that nobody else can see you but at the same time, you guys are so ‘out there’. What if the neighbor see? Imagine the thrill!

If your woman is game with these things then lucky you! However, if she’s not that adventurous, take baby steps to convince her. For example, have an al fresco dinner and engage in light foreplay. Kiss her deeply until she feels comfortable with allowing you to place your hand under her clothes.

Take it just a little bit further each time you go out on the balcony. Soon enough, you’ll reach a stage when you both want more and this is the perfect time to guide her to go down and perform fellatio on you.

Wet & Wild – Oceanside Or Poolside?

If you have your own swimming pool, great. This would make it easier for you to engage in oral sex in your own pool. For this event, the thrill is in the fact that you guys are still in the water. If your pool is outside your home with neighbors potentially looking in, all the better! Again, use your imagination. Don’t just do it on the sides of the pool. Think pool steps or even on the diving board!

If poolside doesn’t work for you guys, then how about ocean-side? Granted, salt water does make it difficult for her to perform fellatio on you while you’re standing in the ocean but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done for a few seconds. This is especially thrilling if there are other swimmers nearby.

Of course, there are other areas where you guys can engage in oral sex. For instance, what about a secluded side of the beach? Or why not hire a raft, go out into the ocean and perform oral sex on each other there? You’ll have your own natural water-bed.

Out In The Open

Another great place to engage in oral sex is out in the open space. Take a hike one weekend, find a secluded, grassy area and have an afternoon romp. You can also try an open field. This is great if you own a nice, big piece of land but if you don’t, that’s ok, just go for a nice walk into some nearby woods or park near you. Just be careful of two things: poisonous plants and the potential presence of ferocious wildlife!

In The Kitchen

We’ve been discussing areas outside the home, but really, a lot of people can’t even make this sex fantasy come true: oral sex or intercourse in the kitchen.

Well, now is the time to take that step and fulfill this fantasy of yours. After all, especially if you’re just starting to be more adventurous, the kitchen offers a LOT of areas for comfortable oral sex: the counter, the dining table, kitchen sink, etc.

Another plus with doing it in the kitchen is that you’re near some very handy props. Admittedly, there’s less props you can use while performing fellatio (compared to performing cunnilingus) but there are some old reliable staples you can use like whipped cream, liquid chocolate, and of course, peanut butter. As these items are all literally within an arm’s reach, there’s no need to break the momentum during oral sex. And so what if it gets a bit messy? The kitchen sink and tea towels are just nearby!

All these areas aim to increase the excitement factor and makes performing oral sex on you a whole new experience for her too. So the next time you plan to ask her to perform fellatio, surprise her with just how naughty you can be with these new, hot and sexy ideas.

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