5 Mistakes To Avoid While Brushing Up On Your Oral Skills & Learning How To Give Great Head


Would you like to learn how to give great head? When it comes to the skills in bed that they need to master, this is probably the number one aspect that most women are insecure at.

It’s quite intimidating to go down on your knees and not know exactly what you should do once you’re face to face with his equipment. So what’s the best way to start? If you want to be the type of lover that men never forget, then you should brush up on your oral sex skills and avoid these top 5 mistakes that women make when giving head.

Mistake #1: Using Your Teeth

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Sure, your man would not like you to treat his penis too gently when you’re going down on him – but using your teeth is too much on the rough category. You don’t want to nick the skin of his penis, so use your lips as a shield while you’re slowly taking it in.

Mistake #2: Not Playing With His Balls Enough

Just as it is when women complain that most men usually skip on the foreplay to get to the main event, you don’t; want to skip on giving him mind-blowing pleasure by ignoring ‘the boys’.

So what are the rules to follow when it comes to playing with his testicles? Don’t yank, don’t pull them down using a vise grip, never grab and squeeze his balls. What you should do is rub, lick and oh-so-gently tug them until you hear moans of pleasure instead of grunts of pain.

Mistake #3: Giving In To Your Gagging Impulse

The problem is that there are certain levels when a woman’s gag reflex gets triggered. Gagging when you’re trying to give a guy head is definitely a turn off – but what if you can’t help but give in?

Well, you shouldn’t put yourself in such a situation in the first place. Watch when you’re being overly enthusiastic while making sucking motions. If you’re new at giving head, don’t try to take it all in and if you find out from previous experiences that it’s something that you just cannot do – stop trying.

Mistake #4: Not Varying The Pressure Enough

There’s no rule book that you should follow when giving a guy head – but repetitive motions without varying your pressure is not enough of a turn on for him. Use his moans of pleasure to amp up the speed, or slow your motions down to an almost caress if you want to cool him off a bit.

Mistake #5: Not Being In The Moment

Men need to see that you do like worshipping his penis – so don’t just be still while you’re going down on him. Bob your head a bit, use your hands on other parts of his body, make sounds – live in the moment and make him feel like a king when giving him head!

Learning about the top mistakes that you shouldn’t make when giving a guy head is the first step to being the best lover that you can be, so steer clear of this blunders and you can get him off using your mouth in no time at all.

Now that you have an idea about the top blunders that women make when giving men some oral love, visit our site to get a detailed guide on how to give great head.

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