5 Oral Sex Mistakes Men Make


Oral sex isn’t something every guy is good at. Are you making one of these crucial oral sex mistakes? You’ll be surprised at what you find out!

She’s lying on the bed, legs spread, and slides her panties to the side – you know what she wants.

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She’s kissing you roughly, pushing your hands away from her, pulling your head down – you know what she wants.

She takes you deep inside her mouth, flashes you a sexy smile, and then straddles your face – you know what she wants.

Whether you’re having a hot one night hook-up, or are in a long term relationship, girls often love head. It can be when they’re at their most horny, most intimate. or just the final straw of seeing what kind of lover you are before they have sex with you.

Trouble is, girls are picky; and all wired completely differently. Your ex loved you sucking her clitoris, your current girlfriend hates it.

The fact is, head is hard enough to get right as it is – so don’t screw up by making the five most common problems guys have when giving head.

1. Don’t Aim Too High

If where you’re licking more closely resembles a girl’s belly button, than it does her vulva, you’re way too high. You may think you can avoid getting down and dirty by just licking around her vulva – don’t kid yourself, this won’t work. There are very specific areas girls are sensitive in: fail to hit the spot and you won’t turn her on.

2. It’s Not All About You

Guys often make the mistake of thinking girls are as fixated on penetration as they are: so they think head should actually be a. Fingering b. Using your tongue in place of your penis. Neither is correct. Sure licking inside her vagina or fingering her, feels good: but that isn’t the point of head. Your mission, is to find her clitoris, then bring in your fingers as an added extra, not the main show.

3. There’s More Than One Way To Do It

When you’ve got to her clitoris not all girls will want you to stimulate it in the same way. Some will love you sucking it, others will want you to lick it fast and horizontal, others slowly length ways. Unfortunately there’s no clear signage down there as to which one your girl is going to prefer. So go for trial and error- start off slow, and keep your teeth way out of there.

4. Girls Are Delicate

Yep, the fairer sex is softer all round. This means that if you’re too rough with her- it will hurt. So keep your fingers well lubricated, your beard soft, or nonexistent, and get your tongue safely far away from your teeth’s interference.

5. Keep It Up

You may feel like you could come after a couple of minutes of jaw dropping head: but sometimes women need, I kid you not, hours. The most common length of time it takes a woman to orgasm is about 20 minutes, so you need to train yourself to last that long and not be a lazy lover.

Get head right though and you’re on to a winner. Make a girl come during a one night stand and she’ll come back for more. Give great head in your relationship and expect to receive in return.

And if you want to convince a girl to sleep with you? Then there’s no better way of showing that you know how to give a woman exactly what she wants.

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