How To 69 The Right Way


69 is a fun position that gives pleasure to each partner. 69 is a way to engage in oral sex in a way that both partners get pleasure at the same time! If you are tired of the same old 69, there are several new positions that you can implement into your regiment to spice things up. Knowing how to give her the best stimulation during 69 is essential to getting her off and keeping her happy.

When your girlfriend has a great orgasm during sex she is more likely to want it more often. Using the same kinds of sex positions all the time can easily turn her off in the bedroom. Keeping things spicy and erotic will keep you closer. Here are some tips for the next time that you do decide to 69.

1. Suds Up First

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A very common complaint about the 69 is the possibility of smells. If you know that you are going to use 69, it is highly recommended to take a shower or a bath beforehand. This gets you very close to your partner’s anus. Keep in mind that your partner will also be extremely close to your anus. Because of this, it is necessary that you take the proper precautions so that the moment is not ruined by a horrific smell from either of you.

Use the preparation to your advantage by either taking a bath or a shower together. Wash each other to get you both into the mood for the coming attraction. While you do not have to actually go inside of your anus to make sure that there are no smells, washing on the exterior is going to be essential for getting all of the funk off of your body.

2. The Standard (Her On Top)

The standard position involves her on top and you on bottom. While you may find this boring, it is the standard for a reason. It’s going to be much easier for her to achieve an orgasm while being on top than for you to achieve the orgasm while being on top. With her on top she has control over the situation and how much she can take of your penis inside her mouth.

If you’re going to use the standard 69 it is important that you do not neglect her. Make sure that you are not just focusing on her clitoris, but are also focusing on the outside of her vaginal lips. This is also a prime way for you to use your fingers on her. Use your index and pointer finger while you lick and suck on her clitoris to stimulate her g spot.

3. Side-By-Side

If you are tired of the standard 69 you can use the side-by-side sex position. The side-by-side is essentially both of you laying on your side and performing the 69. This is an excellent position to spice things up if you are tired of doing it the traditional way. One of the biggest complaints of doing this is that the weight of the guy or girl can become uncomfortable. This is not an issue whenever you use the side-by-side.

Get in the middle of the bed and make sure that you are comfortable. You will not be able to use the edge or the top of the bed as your legs are going to be more extended than the traditional way. It’s going to be harder for you to finger her when you are using the side-by-side. However, this will probably feel a little bit better to you because the penis is going to be a different angle when it goes into her mouth. If you really want to spice things up, use a vibrator to replace your fingers.

4. Guy On Top

Guy on top is not one that every couple is going to like. Some women love to be submissive in the bedroom, making the guy on top extremely erotic for them. Most women like to have control of how far they are going to take your penis into their mouth. This makes the guy on top kind of an issue. Another complaint is that the women are going to have to use their neck muscles in order to actually suck on your penis. This can get tiresome and frustrating for the girl.

However, some girls thoroughly enjoy having their guy on top thrusting into their mouths. Consult your girlfriend before you try this and make sure that she is okay with it. Another common complaint of the 69 is that there is too much going on and it’s hard for people to focus on what they’re giving while also receiving. Having your girlfriend strain herself in order to try to give you pleasure could take away from the fact that she is also receiving it. In the event that she is not really feeling this, move on to a different one.

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