7 Oral Sex Tips That Will Have Her SCREAMING Your Name!


Oral sex is probably one of the easiest – and best – ways to make a woman orgasm. If you’re not skilled at cunnilingus and there’s another guy who is – even if you’re better looking – the other guy will win out again and again. So shape up your game with these seven oral sex tips – they are hotter than hot!

Slow Pressure

Make your tongue as broad and as flat as you can. Put pressure on her clitoris and lick slowly – like, very SLOWLY. Mostly what you’re focusing on here is the pressure and very little movement. Let up on the pressure say, to blow air on her clitoris, and then put the pressure back on again, still moving very little – if you’re licking, you’re doing it extremely slowly. You may not think that the pressure is doing very much, but this is a great warm up technique that will prime her for more direct stimulation.

Bottom To Top

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A lot of guys skip over a woman’s entire vulva during oral sex, sticking only to the clitoris. While it is possible – and probable – that you’ll make a woman orgasm just by licking her clitoris, she’s missing out on the other incredible sensations that come with oral sex. Don’t ignore her vagina or her labia – instead, lick from the bottom of her vagina, slowly, all the way up to the top of her clitoris. You can come back down with your tongue again, or you can let up and start back at the bottom if you want to tease a little more. This will create intense sensations that she probably has missed out on before now!

Tongue Thrusting

Again, this capitalizes on the fact that most guys ignore the vaginal canal during oral sex. Well, you’re not going to. Instead, you’re going to thrust your tongue in and out of her vagina, mimicking intercourse. Don’t use this move when you first start going down on your lover – save it for when she’s really warmed up and craving your tongue all over her!

Spreading Her Wide

Next time you perform oral sex on your lover, spread her legs wide first. Sit her rear on a pillow so she is more comfortable, but make her aware that you want to see, touch and lick everything. Spread her legs wide and put your hands on them to push them away from you while you’re licking her. You can also spread her labia for more intense sensations on the clitoris and inner vaginal folds.

Enthusiasm And Dirty Talk

Enthusiasm is everything when it comes to giving oral sex. If a girl isn’t excited about giving you a blowjob, do you really still want her to? Okay, the answer is probably “yes,” but the point is that enthusiastic head is better than mediocre “let’s-just-get-this-over-with” head. Don’t hesitate to let your partner know how much you enjoy going down on her, and don’t be afraid to spice it up a little bit with dirty talk. Be vocal with plenty of moans and groans (most guys forget this and just expect the girl to make all the noise) and tell her what you’re going to do and how you’re going to do it. If you act like you’re really into it, her arousal level is going to triple!

Doggy Style

Chances are, your girl has never been eaten out doggy style before and if she has, it probably wasn’t all that often. This is a somewhat “taboo” oral sex position considering the man’s facial proximity to the woman’s anus, but if your partner is very clean or this doesn’t bother you at all (heck, it may even turn you on), then next time you give your partner head, tell her to get on her knees and bend over! She will love the naughtiness of it, and she’ll also dig being able to feel and hear what is going on but not have you in her line of sight at all.

Cuddle Time Afterwards

While women absolutely LOVE oral sex, there is something about it that disconnects her from her partner. It’s most likely because she can’t hold his body, kiss him or nuzzle his neck while he’s down south. Don’t get the wrong idea though – just because she really likes face to face time with you, it doesn’t mean that she’d rather forgo oral sex. Give her the best of both worlds by following up a killer cunnilingus session with lots of sweet and romantic cuddle time. This will reassure her of how much you care, and in turn, make her more open and uninhibited the next time around!

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