Guys, Are Your Oral Sex Skills Up To Snuff? Find Out With This 1 Simple Trick!


With oral sex, it’s not hard to tell if you’re doing it right – but only if you use this easy technique to see if she LOVES your oral sex (or not). Without this super simple “litmus test” to find out if you’re licking and sucking in the right places and the right way, you could be in the dark about whether or not your girl is actually enjoying what you’re doing. But with this one incredibly easy move, you can know FOR SURE she’s responding to what you’re doing or if she’s waiting for you to get it over with because it just doesn’t feel good – and you don’t have to ask her a thing!

Isn’t ALL Oral Sex Good?

Well, in a way, yes. Women love oral sex. Many girls can’t have an orgasm without it. For a lot of women, oral sex is either the best way to get off or the only way they can (that is, unless they’re masturbating and using a vibrator). Although giving a girl head sounds simple – you just put your mouth down there and lick all around, right? – it’s actually a bit more complicated than that to actually bring a girl to orgasm with your mouth and tongue.

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You’ve got to have some skill in this department to keep from hurting your partner or from making her uncomfortable. Yes, you can hurt her with your tongue. If you don’t do things in the right order and the right way, your tongue could actually feel more like sandpaper to your lover than something pleasurable. So first, take some time to go over basic oral sex techniques.

Foreplay Is Important

Oral sex IS foreplay, but you still kind of need a little foreplay before oral sex to make sure your partner is ready for you to go down there. Kiss her deeply, nibble her ear and her neck and make your way down to her breasts. Lick and suck her nipples gently before you head even further south. When you get to her sweet spot, lick and nibble on the inside of her thighs first. Breathe hot air onto her vulva, before you place your tongue gently on her clitoris. You want to get her warmed up enough that she’s craving your tongue before you ever touch her with it – you want her to WANT it – not be surprised when she feels it.

Soft And Slow

The clitoris is extremely sensitive – there are over 8,000 nerve endings in that little thing! Of course it’s sensitive! So licking too hard or forcing your tongue up under the hood of her clitoris can actually feel really uncomfortable or painful for a woman. When giving your girl oral sex, you want to make sure your mouth and tongue are soft (unless you’re flicking her clitoris, then you will need your tongue to be a little more firm and pointed) and you’re going slow. Give her time to feel each lick and each sensation and to become totally consumed by it. Don’t rush through it expecting her to have an orgasm quickly so you can get on with the having sex – because that’s going to really backfire.

How To Tell If You’re Doing It Right

Okay, so you’ve brushed up on your oral sex techniques and you mostly know what you’re doing down there. That’s a start. But even if you have mad skills, not every girl is going to like every technique when it comes to cunnilingus. This is where you want to have a simple trick to tell if the girl you’re eating out is enjoying what you’re doing. When you get her nice and wet (or you can use a few drops of a good, water based flavored lube) slip your finger gently inside her vagina. You’re not doing this to finger her g-spot, although you can if you can do two things at once.

What you want to do is use your finger to feel for muscle pulses in her vagina. When a woman has an orgasm, these pulses come faster and her vagina will clamp down erratically as she moves through the climax. These pulses also come when you do something very pleasurable – but it may only be a short or light pulse, which is why lots of guys miss it.

To tell if you’re using the right moves during oral sex, use your finger to sense those pulses. When you feel her vagina clamp down briefly on your finger with a certain lick, keep doing that! Then, work on figuring out what speed and pressure she likes best by paying attention to what you’re doing when you feel the pulses. This is the easiest way to find out if your girl likes what you’re doing without ever asking her!

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