Do Tongue Piercings Improve Oral Sex?


You’ve probably heard that tongue piercings make make oral sex better, but is it true? How much of a difference does a tongue piercing really make when it comes to giving a blowjob or going down on a girl? Here’s the downlow on oral sex and tongue piercings and whether you should get one to please your partner.

Tongue Piercings And A Blowjob

Depending on the style of tongue ring worn, a tongue ring can definitely improve the sensations a guy feels during a blowjob. One of the most sensitive parts of a man’s penis is on the underneath, just below the head where the head meets the rest of the penis. The position of a tongue ring, even just one with a small ball on the top of the barbell is perfect for titillating this most sensitive spot and can really drive a man wild. Of course, the tongue ring will also stimulate other parts of the penis as well, and can provide tons of new sensations than just the tongue alone can. Other styles of tongue rings can be worn to create different sensations, such as “doorknocker” style tongue rings. These consist of a ring attached to the top ball of the tongue ring and the ring can move freely in a variety of ways. However, with the right skill set, a woman with or without a tongue ring can blow her partner’s mind during a blowjob!

Tongue Piercings And Cunnilingus

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Tongue rings also have the potential to improve cunnilingus when a guy has his tongue pierced. During oral sex, the tongue ring will move around with the tongue, stimulating different parts of the vulva such as the clitoris while the tip of the tongue is stimulating an entirely different place. A man can use a tongue ring to drive his partner wild and give her incredible orgasms, even if he’s not schooled on how best to give a woman an orgasm through cunnilingus. There are many styles of tongue rings that are great for going down on a girl, however, the most interesting and titillating is the vibrating tongue ring. There are many tongue rings available that have a small vibrator attached to the top ball of the tongue ring and will vibrate as you lick your partner’s clitoris! Many women have trouble reaching orgasm through oral sex alone, however, a vibrating tongue ring can definitely put an end to that!

Should You Get A Tongue Piercing?

While there are many benefits that a tongue ring can bring to the bedroom, there are also risks involved as with any body modification, such as with genital piercings. Tongue piercings can get infected and cause major problems, and can also chip the backside of your teeth and reduce your gum line. Fortunately, piercings are removable and non-permanent so getting a piercing for your partner isn’t quite the committment getting their name tattooed on you would be. However, make sure you’re willing to go through the pain, swelling and healing period that comes with a tongue piercing and that you’re willing to take proper care of your piercing and keep it clean and infection free. Find a reputable, sterile piercing studio that has experience with tongue piercings and never, ever try to pierce your tongue yourself.

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