Fellatio: What YOU Need To Now About Penile Anatomy


Fellatio has to start somewhere. Before you engage in the art of fellatio, learn your way around your partner’s sensitive spots to give the ultimate head.

Unlike a vulva, which has as many different parts as it has folds and creases; a penis is pretty cut and dry when it comes to anatomy. This does not mean, however, that penile anatomy does not need to be taken into consideration. Learning the anatomy of a penis is the first step to knowing what you’re doing when it comes to fellatio and it will also help serve as a map when we go into detail about what to do where later in the book. With that having been said, let’s explore the different parts of your guy’s anatomy.

The Shaft

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There are many misconceptions about the shaft when it comes to fellatio. Although it comprises the majority of the penis in both circumcised and uncircumcised males, it is the part that has the least amount of nerve endings. During fellatio, it is a wonderful sensation for the man to have the shaft enveloped by a warm, wet mouth but a tongue licking only up and down the shaft is rather boring and may cause his erection to go soft because of the lack of contact on other parts of your partner’s member. This is not a spot to concentrate on for your partner’s pleasure; however, it does have its part in fellatio as a whole. You can also use your hands on the shaft while you entertain more sensitive parts with your tongue and mouth and we’ll explore those techniques later in the book.

The Glans

This is probably the most sensitive part of a man’s penis, also known as the “head.” The glans is much like a clitoris is to the vulva – the source of the majority of the pleasure inducing nerve endings. Also like the clitoris, the glans can be very sensitive and even quite painful to any stimulation following an orgasm and this may be more pronounced depending on the intensity of said orgasm. The largest concentration of nerves in the glans is just at the outer edge or ridge, which is much more pronounced in circumcised males than men who have not been circumcised.

The Frenulum

This too is a spot that is much more pronounced on circumcised males, but that doesn’t mean that men of the uncircumcised variety don’t enjoy attention on this spot as well. The frenulum is the “V” shaped spot that joins the shaft with the glans on the underside of the penis. While not having as many sensitive nerve endings as the glans, this area certainly has more nerve endings than the shaft, so it’s a good place to focus your efforts when you’re ready to heat things up but not bring your partner to a full orgasm just yet. We’ll talk more about exact techniques to use in this spot later in the book. Although the frenulum is less pronounced in uncircumcised males, it actually contains more nerve endings than a circumcised male because it is where the foreskin actually joins the skin of the rest of  it.

The Testicles

The testicles must be approached with care as they are quite possibly the most sensitive (pain-wise) part of the male anatomy. A stroke or touch that is too rough can easily send pain waves throughout your partner’s entire body and turn him off to fellatio completely. This is very similar to how a woman can feel if her sensitive clitoris is handled too roughly – it may turn her off or worse, become uncomfortable and painful to her. Not every man enjoys having his testicles handled, however, so it is important to talk to your partner about this aspect of fellatio before beginning a fellatio session. If he enjoys having his testicles touched, you can utilize blowjob tips that focus on your lover’s scrotum.

The anatomy of a man’s genitals differs greatly, of course, between man to man and even circumcised penis to uncircumcised. Remember, a man is very emotionally sensitive about his anatomy (and his penis size) and any judgment (in either words or facial expressions) can deliver a crippling blow to his ego. Such a situation can make it very emotionally uncomfortable for a man to want to receive fellatio. If this becomes an issue with you and your partner, be sure to discuss it so that both you and he will be more comfortable during a fellatio session.

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