How To Establish A Rhythm During Oral Sex & Drive Your Girl CRAZY!


Oral sex isn’t a “lick twice” affair and you won’t ever make a girl climax if you mix up your moves too much. Find out how slow and steady wins the race.

However you’ve started your oral sex escapade, you’ll want to leave her begging for more after that first touch. This is where you want to slow things down even further, focusing on your rhythm and building pressure and tension, rather than trying to run to the finish line in an all-out sprint.

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Before starting, make a point of having each of your tongue strokes stand on their own, meaning, they should be a wave in and of themselves that don’t crash or run into the others before or after them. Later on, as she gets more excited, the tongue strokes will run into one another, but for now, they need to be distinguishable from each other.

Get Into A Groove

Find a rhythm that alternates between a flat tongue with licks that encompass her entire vulva, and a flat tongue that just focuses on one place. Repeat each of these licks, combined into one ‘set’ for several minutes, or until she starts pushing her groin into your hand. To make it easier for you to tell, keep one of your hands on the upper part of her vulva (above the clitoris) and pull back gently each time you lick the length of her vulva.

Now Tease Her

When she starts reacting to your tongue strokes, it’s time to tease her a little bit. Avoid the clitoris completely, and start licking with shorter, more pointed tongue strokes that tickle more than they do cover her labia. See how much of her labia you can explore with just your tongue, keeping it light and flirty without a lot of pressure.

During this time, although you’re avoiding her clitoris, you’re still watching to see what it’s up to. When you start the shorter, pointy licks, the clitoris should still be covered and hiding, but as you continue playing with her labia, it should peek out slightly. When you can see it, it’s time to move to the next rhythm.

Then Cover Her Head

When her clitoris peeks out to see what’s going on, and if it can finally get a bit of attention from your tongue, indulge it and give it a soft, tender lick. If you’re using a dental dam, make sure she’s got enough lube before you do this, and if you’re not, engulf her clitoris with your saliva or lubricant, and feel her whole body react to you as you do it.

As an aside, try using all of these techniques while she has her legs on your shoulders. Not only will it allow you some extra room to really get your tongue into new places, but it will give her the leverage she needs to get to orgasm.

Numbers Routine

Continue on again with the half licks, with five of these that are punctuated with one of the soft, wet placements on her clitoris. Then do six half licks with one soft wet placement, then seven and one, and so on until you reach a ratio of ten to one. If you think she’s predicting what you’ll do next, change up the numbers a bit, but allow for the same amount of licking time for her clitoris  to get used to your ministrations.

Repeat this whole series, starting from five and moving up to ten, but this time add some rhythm to your licks. See if you can match the music that is playing, or if there isn’t any, have some in your head that you can lick along with to create even more sexual tension between her legs.

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