Getting Her To Give You Oral Sex More Often


Many people love receiving oral. In fact, most people do. Whether you’re a guy or a gal, receiving oral sex can be extremely pleasurable.

However, giving oral sex might not be as fun. Some people don’t like to give oral sex at all, or they seldom give it because it makes them uncomfortable.

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If you want oral sex to become a regular part of your routine, how can you get your partner to give more oral?

Dear Dan and Jennifer,

Hi, I’m 18 and my girlfriend and I have been seeing each other for over a year and are very happy together; but, I don’t think she gives me oral often enough – like once in the past few months.

I talk to my friends and it seems like i’m the only one not getting it. I’ve spoken to her about it and asked why, but she just said “Do any girls really like doing it?” and sort of didn’t talk any more about it and i didn’t want to ask again since in case she thinks i’m nagging.

I think that if i ask the right way then she will but i’d hate to say “suck me off” or “gimmie a BJ” as I treat her with much more respect than that. Any ideas what i could say… or do to change her mind?

— Adam, UK


The Taste And Smell of Oral Sex

The biggest complaint from oral sex givers is that both male and female genitals have their own taste and smell. Sometimes the smell or taste more strongly than other times, but this is something that is completely natural. However, a strong taste and smell might be off putting for someone who is giving oral sex.

You can make sure your partner is enjoying giving you oral sex as much as possible by making sure you’re clean and trimmed. Take a shower right before oral sex if you need to!Although genitals’ natural smell is perfectly normal, if you’ve been outside mowing the lawn all day, it might be a little strong for someone to consider going down on you.

You can also improve the taste of your genitals through what you eat. Naturally sweet foods, such as strawberries and pineapples, make semen and vaginal secretions taste sweeter, so giving oral sex is more pleasurable…

Talk To Your Partner About How Much You Enjoy Oral Sex

Although it might be an uncomfortable issue to bring up, talking to your partner about how much you enjoy oral sex and how much oral sex you would like to have is the only way to communicate your needs and wants to them.

Don’t expect your partner to read your mind! Your partner might be completely unaware that the status quo isn’t working for you. Speak up and give your partner a chance to meet your expectations. It’s likely that your partner wants to please you, but doesn’t know how much or how often you would like to have oral sex.

There’s Nothing More Giving Than A Sexually Satisfied Woman

Make sure that your partner gets something pleasurable out of giving you oral sex. Perhaps you could give your partner oral sex in return, or even try having simultaneous oral sex. If your partner views giving you oral sex as a chore, they won’t be very interested in giving oral.

Try getting your partner turned on before asking for oral sex. If they’re sexually aroused, they might be more inclined to give oral sex than if they’re not aroused at all.

By the same token, make sure you’re not a bore to give oral sex to! If you’re very quiet during sex or don’t let your partner know that you’re enjoying it, how will they know you’re enjoying it? They won’t!

Make a few noises or let your partner know you’re really into it in some other way. Many people who give oral sex suggest that they get more turned on by giving oral sex if their partner is clearly having a good time. All in all, just talk to your partner about your sexual wants, needs and expectations so you both are on the same page.

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