How To Perform Better Oral Sex And Give Women Wild Screaming Orgasms!


Oral sex can be mediocre, or it can be fantastic! Check out these oral sex tips that will leave your girl’s voice hoarse from screaming your name over and over!

Are You Boring Your Partner?

You know that you are frustrating her with boring bed rituals. Now, you can give her the hottest and steamiest sex she will ever experience. Offer her a chance for increased sexual release and let her beg for more sex. Yes, women can get disinterested even during the most private moments with their partners.

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It’s time to make a move and add a new flavor to these intimate explorations – give her oral sex! What kind of woman would not want to perspire during a steamy lovemaking? Yes, you read it right. You can have your woman writhe in pure orgasmic pleasure with oral sex.

You can give the most thrilling cunnilingus she will ever experience by putting a small amount of a female orgasm enhancing cream (such as V-cream) on her clitoris prior to the sexual act. She will surely have heightened sensations with every stroke and touch that you give to this small organ. Such creams act immediately upon application, making her primed for an exhilarating time in bed.

Knowing The Magic Of Creative Oral Sex

Upon application, you can proceed to give your woman a pleasurable experience. Start off by giving her inner thighs tender and light touches using your lips. Move upwards to her vagina and allow your tongue to gently stroke the external area using an up-and-down motion for few moments.

Be playful! Stop the movements of your tongue along the external edges of her vagina and let her beg for more of what you are already doing. Place gentle kisses and soft caresses using your tongue, and make your teeth chew gently on her skin until you reach her abdomen. Go back down after paying much of your attention on the sensitive parts on her upper torso. She will surely demand that you get to the real business and that is what you will do!

Women usually reach a sexual climax due to clitoral stimulation so you should pay close attention to that mound of flesh. Imagine that you can only pleasure her through those gentle strokes that your tongue can make. Visualize yourself eating ice cream because this is how your tongue and lips should move. Don’t we just love eating ice cream?

How To Experience Her Pleasure

Allow yourself to experience the same or greater level of pleasure as what your partner feels through the following methods:

  • Perform tender strokes using your tongue.
  • Allow her to place her external genitalia on your face.
  • While your mouth is busy on her clitoris, you can try penetrating her vagina with your two fingers.
  • You may also raise her buttocks off the bed or floor and allow her lower limbs to encircle your neck. This may take some effort from you.
  • Trace the letters of the alphabet along the borders of her vagina with the gentle movement of your tongue.
  • Lastly, the circular motion around her clitoris will surely do the magic trick!

Try these proven oral sex moves and give her the kind of wild screaming orgasms that she will never forget!

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