How To Romance Her Before Giving Her Oral Sex


Romance is important for a woman during sex – especially during oral sex, because it gets lonely up there all by herself. Here’s how to up the romance factor.

No, we’re not talking about the obvious here. We’re talking about mental differences between men and woman and that is generally considered to be the biggest one. Specifically, we’re referring to the different ways men and women get turned on. Men are visual creatures and this is why the pornography industry brings in billions of dollars per year. Just the sight of a large pair of soft, bouncy breasts can get a man turned on in a millisecond. This is not so with women. Very, very rarely a woman is turned on by something (or someone) she sees. For women, it is mostly mental. A steamy novel will get her juices flowing before any film or movie will.

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It is time for you to learn to take advantage of this knowledge and apply it to your cunnilingus technique. Yes, we’d like for you to think of getting her mentally turned on as part of your technique, so you never forget to do it. How do you get a woman mentally turned on? Romance. No, don’t cringe!

Men couldn’t care less about romantic dinners, flowers or any of the like but women can go from zero to hot and horny with these simple gestures. If you’ve been married for years and a romantic dinner doesn’t seem up your alley, this is where you can use your imagination. What would be romantic for the two of you? It can be something like an elaborate gift or a simple compliment. Most guys can’t grab this stuff off the top off their head though, so we’ve got a few ideas for you.

Erotic Massage

With erotic massage, you can kill two birds with one stone. If you’re not skilled with your hands in that area, book her an appointment with a professional masseuse. You’ll get the gift-giving bonus too! Women love massages – not only does it relax them, it makes their responsibilities melt away and as a result, they feel loved and cared for.

Thoughtful Gifts

These can be large or small, but they must be thoughtful, not generic! Getting her that new can opener (even though she’s complained about the old one for weeks and desperately needs a new one) will not do the job here! So let’s make a rule of thumb – if you’re getting her a gift, don’t get anything that can even remotely be construed as practical! Although it may seem a waste of money to you, it makes your partner feel truly special. Jewelry, Bath & Body Works goodies, comfortable sleepwear, the delicious perfume she’s been eyeing flowers, etc. are all great ideas.

If you do choose to get her flowers, don’t get her a plant! Even though flowers will die in a few days, a plant is just another thing she’ll have to take care of and in time will become a hassle (unless she absolutely loves plants).

Dinner (No, This Is Not As Cliche As You Think)

Whether you take her out, bring dinner home or cook for her, letting her forget about what to put on the table when she gets home from work can do wonders for her sexual mood! Make an effort to eat with her at the dinner table if this is something you don’t normally do – the idea here is to spend time with her and enjoy being in her presence during an every day activity. You can also turn this idea into anything, such as going bowling together, taking a walk in a nearby park or just a quiet drive to the ice cream parlor on a hot summer evening. Your time is valuable to her and is probably better than any gift you could give.


Believe it or not, chores are to women what lingerie is to men. Nothing will romance a woman and get her more instantly turned on and inclined toward her partner than if he were to do a few chores without being asked! Yes, we said without being asked. It will only take a few minutes of your time (such as taking out the trash or doing the dishes) but here again; the idea is to lighten your lady’s load. In doing so, she will not have much on her mind except what you’ll be doing to her next or the orgasm you’re going to give her.

Be Original

If you’re unsure about how to mentally get her in the mood and romance her, just follow this simple rule: break her out of her daily routine. It is that daily grind that gets women so worn down that they are turned off or “not in the mood.” If you can lessen that or break her out of it (even for a short time), you will most likely succeed in getting her mentally turned on.

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