How To Turn A Shower Before Oral Sex Into Foreplay


Oral sex can be a lot of fun, but if he’s not clean first, it’s only fun for him. Here’s how you can get him to shower before oral sex and make it foreplay.

You know that it is pretty much essential for a guy to shower before oral sex for both your sake and his – but just how do you broach the subject? Do you flat out tell him he stinks and needs to wash up before you come within 10 feet of his downstairs area? Absolutely not! This will kill his ego and turn him off for the remainder of the night. He won’t be able to enjoy the blowjob because he’s caught up in worrying if he smells bad down there or not. But does that mean you grin and bear the sweaty man odor?

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No way!

You can get him to take a shower before oral sex without telling him he stinks and bruising his ego. It’s called foreplay.

Lure Him Into The Shower

Making a shower before oral sex a part of foreplay is the best way to get your man smelling fresh and clean without him being aware of what you’re up to. Look at it this way – he can’t resist a naked, soapy girl who wants to play with him, can he? Use this to your advantage! Lure him into the shower by telling him you want to be hot, wet and naked with him. Whisper in his ear that you want to feel your wet, soapy body sliding all over his. He’ll probably take his clothes off and high tail it to the shower so fast he leaves a smoke trail!

Soap Him Up To Turn Him On

If you’re whispering in his ear that you want to slide your hot, soapy body all over his in the shower, you’d better make good on your innuendo. Don’t hop in the shower and start scrubbing his balls right away – he’ll definitely get a clue then and he’ll be none too happy about it. Start by slowly soaping yourself down, spending a little extra time on your most sensitive parts, such as your nipples and your clitoris.

He’ll really enjoy the show and you’re bound to get turned on too! If he wants in on the action, let him get you sudsy first. Allow him to soap wherever he’d like and spend as much time as he likes there – that way, when you go to soap him down, it just seems like you’re copying what he’s doing.

When you’re washing his genital area, be gentle and keep up the notion that you’re doing it to turn him on, not to clean him up. If you lose yourself in the idea of pleasuring him, you’re going to forget what you’re doing too – and you’ll both end up getting out of the shower hot, steamy and turned on – not to mention clean. Use the soap as a sort of lubricant to allow your hand to slide up and down his shaft and all around his genitals.

Cup his scrotum gently as you wash him, and make sure to get under where his perineum is. He probably doesn’t want you to wash his anus, so skip that part unless you know for a fact that he likes that area stimulated. If you skip the perineum area, you’re likely to still have a strong odor when your fella gets out of the shower, because this is where most of the sweat and bacteria hangs out. Let him know how much it turns you on to see him all hard and soapy!

Give Him A Preview (Or Finish Him Off) In The Shower

Once he’s clean, you may want to surprise him with an in-shower blowjob. This can be super fun for the both of you, but may require some creativity on your part to find the right oral sex positions. Giving head in the shower is easier than having sex in the shower, but only marginally. The easiest way to do it is to have him stand while you kneel, but don’t be afraid to get a towel soaked in the name of making sure your knees don’t start to hurt five minutes in. If you have a large enough tub or an in-tub chair, you can have him sit down, while you sit cross legged in front of him.

If you’re lucky enough to be able to get into this position okay, this is going to be the most comfortable for you. Another option is to have him sit down in the tub, while you kneel on all fours and go down on him that way – again, a towel is your best friend here. Who cares if it gets soaking wet? You can always wash it later.

You can give him an oral sex “preview” while you’re in the shower, or you can totally finish him off there. It’s up to you and how you want to do it! Sometimes the hot, running water can be super sexy as you suck him off, and if he ejaculates semen in your mouth, the shower makes it much easier to spit and rinse your mouth out discreetly, without him ever knowing that you didn’t swallow! Experiment with different things in the shower and have fun with it!

Even though your main purpose is to get him clean before you go down on him, washing your man up and giving him a blowjob in the shower is fun in and of itself!

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