Ice Is Nice: Chill Out With These Cool Oral Sex Techniques


Oral sex can be taken to a whole new level by introducing temperature play. Even old maneuvers will seem new when you incorporate fun things like peppermint, popsicles and alternating hot and cold. These “cool” tricks will have your partner begging for release!


Why Temperature Play Is So Much Fun

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Even with the best sex tips and suggestions, oral sex (and sex in general) can get boring, especially if you’re in a long term relationship and are monogamous with your partner. It’s important to continue to try new things in a long term sexual relationship, to make sure that you have plenty of variety and you and your lover are satisfied physically and emotionally with your sexual relationship.

Temperature play is an easy way to spice things up in the bedroom. You don’t have to invest a lot of money in equipment to get started having fun with temperature play – in fact, you can probably try some of these things tonight, with things you already have in your home! Heat or cold can make oral sex feel totally new, even when you’re using the same old maneuvers that you always have. If oral sex has become monotonous, try incorporating these fun things to help your partner experience a totally new level of pleasure!


Peppermint candy is an excellent beginner’s tool if you’re just starting to get into temperature play with oral sex. Some men and women are very sensitive to temperature, so starting with ice and chilled sex toys may be a little too intense when you’re just getting your feet wet. Suck on a peppermint candy for a few minutes before giving your lover oral sex, and keep the peppermint in your mouth while you go down on them.

When you remove your mouth, gently blow air onto your partner’s genitals to increase the cooling, tingling sensations. When you combine wetness, peppermint and cool air, you can create some very intense feelings! Peppermint is also a great way to improve the taste and smell of oral sex for the giver.

Ice Cubes

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous and want to go for something colder than peppermint, ice cubes are extremely inexpensive and handy! Suck on an ice cube before oral sex to get your mouth cold, or suck on one during oral sex. Start small though – ice can be very, very cold and if you start out with a huge chunk, it’s likely to feel much too cold for you and your lover. Let the ice melt in your mouth a little, or let it melt over their genitals for tingling sensations that aren’t painful or uncomfortable.

Popsicles (For Her)

Popsicles can be fun to play with when performing oral sex on a woman, because you can either slide it around the clitoris (it has an easy to use handle) or insert it into the vagina. As the popsicle melts, it will create amazing sensations, especially when placed inside the vagina. Don’t go putting just any popsicle in there though, because sugar in the vagina can cause yeast infections! Make your own popsicles with plain water, so you don’t have to worry about giving your partner a nasty infection. This is easy to do and popsicle trays can be found at almost any store.

A Glass Dildo

If you and your lover really enjoy temperature play during oral sex and sex, invest in a glass dildo – it’s much easier to use than popsicles and ice cubes. You can put it in the freezer or refrigerator to get it really, really cold, or you can place it in a bowl of warm water to heat it up. It won’t melt either, so you don’t have to clean up a big mess afterwards! However, for some types of temperature play, the ice melting can be more erotic than just inserting a cold or warm glass dildo.

Alternating Hot And Cold

If you’re playing with ice, you can also play with heat and alternate between hot and cold. The different sensations caused by heat, and then by cold can drive your partner absolutely wild with pleasure! The easiest way to alternate between hot and cold during oral sex is to keep a glass of ice water and a cup of hot tea nearby when you go down on your lover. Take a sip of the ice water and lick around a few times, then take a sip of the hot tea and put your mouth back on your partner’s genitals. They will love never knowing what is coming next!

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