Massage Her G-Spot During Oral Sex And Make Her EXPLODE!


The g-spot isn’t some “mystical place” inside her vagina that may or may not exist – it DOES! Massage it during oral sex and you’ll have her orgasming in seconds.

Most folks who have been having sex a while have heard of the G-Spot; a fleshy, spongy bit of tissue about half way up a woman’s vagina, facing her belly button. You may have even heard about the amazing orgasms G-Spot manipulation can provide your partner, even squirting, but we’ll get more into what the G-Spot can and can’t do tomorrow. For now, let’s learn how to massage it and make the G-Spot a part of your oral sex vocabulary.

Using The “Come Here” Stroke

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Use your index finger and curl it toward your palm as it you were saying, “Come here.” When you do that motion repeatedly, you’re using what’s called the “Come Here” stroke.

Now put your hand inside your partner, palm facing up, or toward her belly button. Once your finger and not much else is comfortably inside of her, curl your finger again using the Come Here stroke. You should feel a patch of tissue that feels different than the rest; spongy, soft, yielding. It will swell the more aroused she gets, so it shouldn’t be too hard to locate right now.

Take the hand that isn’t inside of her, and push down on the top of her vulva so you can feel the hand inside of her as well. You’re essentially ‘sandwiching’ her G-Spot between your two hands, and added pressure, especially when she’s really aroused, is fantastic.

It’s time to change your hand positioning now. Keeping it in the Come Here stroke position, move your hand so that your palm is facing down. If you perform the same stroke, you’ll be massaging her Perineum from inside a very sensitive area that, if you add your thumb to the outside, can be squeezed and teased at length by both.

Now you can move your hand from left to right as well, and feel the sides of her vaginal walls. You’ll find that the closer your finger is to her vagina, the more she’ll feel and the more pleasure you’ll give.

Don’t Leave Your Tongue Out!

·Don’t forget about using your tongue during this exploration too. At first, it’ll be easier to use the basic up-and-down motion while your hand wanders, but eventually you’ll be able to perform other moves in tandem with your hand manipulations. Also, if at first tonguing her clitoris, playing with her using your hands, and listening/feeling for her arousal state proves too challenging, just use the flat, still tongue on her clitoris so you can focus appropriately for now.

Adding More Fingers

Once you’ve used one digit to get things moving, it’s time to add another one specifically your middle, or ring digit. When you’ve got two fingers working together inside of her, you want them to act as one.

When you put both fingers inside of her, leave your hands as motionless as possible. Feel her muscles clench around your hand, and how much tighter everything feels with the two fingers inside of her.

Continue what you did earlier, using the Come Here stroke and massaging all four walls of her vagina. See how everything feels slightly different with another finger in place, and note her reactions accordingly.

Put your free hand on top of her vulva (above the clitoris, where her pubic hair is), and use the two fingers inside of her to push up against her G-Spot. Use both hands in tandem to massage her G-Spot from these two angles.

Don’t stop playing with her clitoris while you perform this move, either using short up and down tongue strokes, even smaller side to side ones, or the flat tongued move if you want to concentrate. She needs you to keep the pressure on her clitoris here, no matter what, even if it’s no movement at all.

Taking A Break

If she’s willing, this is an excellent time to take a short break while you focus on other parts of her anatomy. While using the Come Here stroke with your index finger inside of her, move up so that you can pivot yourself around her body, without losing contact internally. Kiss her, touch her, nibble her, whisper in her ear, all while playfully tickling her along the G-Spot.

Just be sure to ask her before kissing her, as some woman (like some men) are squeamish when it comes to mouth-to-mouth contact after oral sex. If this is an issue, grab one of the towels that you have handy to dab at your face, and maybe her inner legs too if things are really getting hot and heavy down below.

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