Oral Sex: 10 Hot Spots You DON’T Want To Miss!


Oral sex involves a woman’s entire vulva – here are ten areas that you don’t want to pass up when going down on your girl.

The Clitoris

The head of the clitoris is incredibly sensitive, hosting more than eight thousand nerve endings in its tiny package. When it becomes truly aroused, the hood, or prepuce, swells and covers the clitoris to protect it from too much stimulation. Both the head and the hood love strokes that are rhythmic yet gentle, although as a woman moves along towards climax, they can both handle a firmer touch.

Her G-Spot

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A sensitive spot along the top of the vaginal wall, the G-Spot is a spongy bit of tissue that abuts a woman’s urethra, and is very pleasurable to the touch when rubbed or pressed during certain arousal periods. For the remainder of this series we’ll refer to this area as the G-Spot because it’s the more commonly used term, but try to think of it more as a general area than a small spot, as it can be quite expansive depending on the woman.

The Mons Pubis

The Mons Pubis is just on the outside of where the G-Spot can be found, and you’ll want to use this spot during your oral manipulations because tensions from both sides is really pleasurable. Imagine this whole area as a sandwich, where your hands are the bread (one inside, one outside) with both applying pressure to the ‘meat’ (G-Spot).

The Front Commissure

The super-tender spot just above the clitoral head covers the shaft and bulges out ever so slightly if you look or feel closely along this area, especially when a woman is excited. The Front Commissure is similar to the clitoris in that it likes softer tongue strokes initially during the first arousal phase, but then prefers a more firm touch, such as with a finger, flat tongue or lip, as the process continues.

The Frenulum

Just underneath the clitoris, on the other side of the Front Commissure, lays the Frenulum. It also likes a softer touch initially, with a firmer feel as time goes on. Most of a woman’s sexual pleasure is gained from this general area Front Commissure to Frenulum.

Her Labia

The smaller lips that surround the opening to a woman’s vagina are the Labia Minora, and they fill with blood the more excited a woman is, to the point where they can double in size. Light touches work best here, as when engorged with blood, they can be especially tender and sensitive.

The Vaginal Opening

The only part of the vagina that is visible to the naked eye likes light nibbles and long licks, but not a lot of tension or firmness.

The Fourchette

Found just after the vaginal opening closes, and where the Labia Majora and Minora meet, the Fourchette is best stimulated with tickles and very light rubbing.

Her Perineum

The space between the Fourchette and Anus is the Perineum (also known as the Taint), and is full of connective tissue and a network of pelvic muscles that lend themselves well to gentle pinches, tickles, licks and finger pressure, both from the inside and the outside of her body.

The Anus

The same network of muscles that help the perineum feel wonderful are in play with the anus as well, and this whole area contracts during orgasm too. Light touches and pressure are excellent here, but be sure to either use a finger cot to keep your hands clean, or wash your hands thoroughly before using those fingers elsewhere along her genital area, because the anus can harbor bacteria that isn’t friendly to the rest of her sexual experience.

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