Oral Sex – 11 Hot Spots Most Girls Look Over (And Why YOU Shouldn’t!)


Oral sex is incredible for a guy – but you can make it even more amazing by spending time on each of these sensitive areas before getting down to business.

Yes, there are more erogenous zones than just what lies between your man’s legs. While many of these spots are accessed and pleasured during foreplay, they are often forgotten once a woman’s concentration has moved down south. After learning more about the many male erogenous zones and sensitive spots, you can decide what works best on your partner and whether you should do it before, during or after oral sex.

The Head And Scalp

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The scalp can be very sensitive to the touch and a great scalp massage before oral sex can send tingles down your partner’s spine and in between his legs. You can also lightly pull on your partner’s hair during fellatio if this is a sensation that he enjoys. Run your fingers through his hair ~ regardless how much he HAS or HAS NOT!

His Face

Just as a woman wants every part of her face explored and appreciated. Kissing their eyelids, temples, nose, forehead and cheeks should all be savored, not just their lips. Spend some time enjoying their stubble and the variance of their rugged male skin against your soft, supple womanly dermis.

His Ears

Most women probably know that the ears are an excellent erogenous zone in men. Many men get excited just at the thought of having their ears sucked, licked and lightly breathed on. Use this time to lightly moan into his ear to let him know how excited you are about the upcoming fellatio. This kind of foreplay shouldn’t be overlooked.

Before you “go down south”, set the stage for what you intend to do once you get down there. Talk to him and tell him what you plan to do, then ask him, “how does that sound?” He may add to it, which helps you know just want he dreams about you doing to him.

The Neck

Not surprisingly, the nape of the neck (as well as the upper neck, near the earlobes) is a very sensitive place on a guy. You can use light pressure, such as light sucking, licking and nibbling or you can use a slightly rougher technique such as more forceful sucking or biting. It all depends on your man’s mood and what he likes! Try a few different sensations in his neck area and gauge his response – he’ll give you physical cues to let you know that he likes something.

That doesn’t just apply to his neck area though – it can apply to anywhere! Another area to not ignore is their collar bone. The skin is thinner in that area that on the rest of their chest and very sensitive.

The Chest And Nipples

It is fairly well known that men’s nipples are not quite as sensitive as women’s nipples are, simply because there are more sensitive nerve endings (pleasurable and otherwise) in a woman’s nipple. That does not mean, however, that men do not enjoy having their nipples licked, sucked and nibbled before and during an oral sex session (most men do).

If your partner does like to have his nipples licked and sucked (or lightly pinched and rubbed, for that matter), do so during fellatio. You can certainly use this as a move to warm him up before oral sex or during to enhance the sensations of your mouth on his penis. Pulling or tugging on chest hair is a big turn on for some hairy chested fellas.

His Stomach

The lower tummy (near the groin area) is perhaps one of the most sensitive places (other than the penis and surrounding structures) on a man. You will definitely want to “cross this bridge” before you begin oral sex – it will make him crazy with desire! The most sensitive and responsive site is right where the thigh joins the stomach and a little bit above. If your man is really ripped, these places will be even more defined. It is possible that this area may not be as sensitive in a heavyset man, however, you can try licking and nibbling in this area before the blowjob to see if your man gives you a positive response. If he does like it, do use it sparingly.

A few nibbles here and there are just enough to get him going. If you overdo it, the area will get a bit numb and he won’t be as giddy about being touched and licked there. Some men are ultra ticklish, so caressing, not tiny glazes should be used. If you do accidently tickle him, all is not lost. Just remember and remind him that 90% of the time, tickle wars end in sex!

His Inner Thighs

A man’s inner thighs are often a neglected erogenous zone as not many women target them. Here, most men will enjoy some massaging, stroking, licking, and even some gentle nibbling. Pay some special attention to the area where his legs join the trunk of his body. It’s a real hot ticket button for many men – just be sure to use enough pressure that you don’t turn him into a “tickle me Elmo” doll and he loses his erection from all the giggling.

His Toes And Fingers

Okay, maybe not so much toes unless your partner happens to have a foot fetish (and some do). Fingers, however, can entice your man beyond his wildest dreams if caressed correctly. It is not so much the physical sensation here; it is more the visual and the imagination. Huh? Do to your man’s finger (index or middle) what you plan on doing to his penis in just a few short minutes. He will get to see your mouth and tongue action up-close and begin to imagine what it’s going to feel like when it’s on his penis.

Don’t spend too long doing this, however, because as we said – the fingers are not sensitive in and of themselves. If done for too long, he may begin to get bored with it because let’s face it – there’s only so much you can do to a finger! If done just enough, however, you can get his brain in gear for what’s to come.

The Perineum

Also referred to as the “male g-spot“, this is the ridged area of skin between the testicles and the anus. It is a very sensual area – one that when stimulated, creates sensations that most men find irresistible. This area is closely linked to the prostate gland, which is why it is so intensely pleasurable when touched. Some men love for you to run your tongue from the backside of their testicles all over this ridge and report that it’s their favorite “point of no return” when impassioned.

The Butt Cheeks

The buttocks are a definite fun spot to play with! Kiss them, rub them, shake them, smack them, tickle them, squeeze them and pull them into you with both hands while you are giving oral. It’s great to have your hands on both of them, especially if he’s in standing, so you can control the speed and also the depth. Spanking enthusiasts tout the pleasures of the backside, insisting that a good spanking before oral sex can be the perfect foreplay for your man, if he’s into it.

The Anus/Rectum

This area is a very arousing spot for a lot of people. There are many nerve endings located just at the opening of the anus making it a very sensitive and pleasurable place to touch. Try using fingers or a small, well lubricated sex toy, since any dry entry can cause pain, which is the exact opposite reaction you’re looking for. Even stroking gently around the edge while giving oral to your man is sometimes enough to push them straight over the edge.

Of course, every man is different. Your partner may have special spots (other than his penis) that he enjoys having licked, sucked, caressed, fondled, bitten, nibbled or pinched before or during oral sex. Just like with a woman and cunnilingus, you have to get a man ready and warmed up before you begin oral sex.

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