4 Tips To Drive Her Wild With Razor Sharp Female Orgasms


Oral sex is a great way to give your lover a mind blowing orgasm. The fact is, what makes a perfect sexual life is when you give your woman the powerful orgasm she deserves. And the most wonderful way for your partner to experience the ultimate excitement is by making your woman feel you will do anything for her without asking anything in return.

Oral Sex Equals Orgasm!

Cunnilingus, in simple terms, is oral sex for women. Cunnilingus gives a heightened sexual excitation in women. If you don’t know how to do this, then it will turn out to be just another forgettable experience for your partner. But with these 4 tips below, you will certainly triumph in bed and give your lover a truly memorable erotic adventure – complete with powerful orgasms, no less!

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Many men make the mistake of jumping right in and start stimulating their women with their tongue. While oral sex is usually considered as a form of foreplay to intercourse, you still need to get your partner warmed up first. Women are like analogs… you need to slowly turn the dial to heat it up. Take your time to playfully tease your partner; kiss on the neck and nibble on the ear lobes; gently stroke the inner thighs. All these little, sensuous gestures will turn a woman on quickly and get her ready before you start giving oral sex.

Oral Manifesto

The right way to use your tongue can be compared to how a cat or a dog drinks from a bowl of water. Try observing these animals when they drink; you will see how their tongues move in and out of their mouths at a really fast pace. This is exactly what your tongue should do when performing oral sex on a woman and licking the clitoris. Your tongue has one of the most powerful muscles in the human body. Put it to good use!

To bring this intimate mood to the next level, get creative and try out various tongue strokes (hint: circular strokes produce a tantalizing effect on most women). You can also use your tongue to spell different letters of the alphabet and see if she can guess what you are spelling. She will probably be squirming with ecstasy as she tries to figure out what you are going to do next. Go slow, use your tongue and tease your lover.

Pleasure Multiplier

When you are giving your partner oral sex, there is nothing to stop you from leveraging on the magic from your fingers. If you know how to use fingering and your tongue, you will exponentially intensify the pleasure she gets from you. Here’s the trick: when you are kissing the clitoris, use your thumb or index finger to rub it simultaneously. By giving sufficient stimulation to the clitoris, you will set up your partner for a really explosive orgasm, and make it happen in a hurry too.

Rhythmic Consistency

To give your tongue some needed rest in between strokes, and to spice things up a little, try the “humming” technique. Make use of any melody that you can think of and hum it, with the position of your head remaining unchanged. The vibration from the sound you are making will reach the vagina, providing additional stimulation to the clitoris.

When you sense your lover’s orgasm approaching (e.g. when breathing quickens; and hands start gripping the sheets), keep a steady tempo as you continue to stimulate the clitoris. Refrain from changing what you are doing, as that might cut your partner out from the orgasm she’s yearning for. Once you find a rhythm that gets your lover going, stick with it… and keep at it until you bring your partner over the edge!

Your lips and tongue are your best “tools” to bring your lover to an orgasm. Science has proven it. Experience has confirmed it. More than intercourse, oral sex is craved by many women, but delivered by very FEW men. So give your partner the pleasure she deserves, and in return you will get more sex than you could probably handle!

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