5 Ways To Start Getting Oral Sex REGULARLY!


Oral sex can be a fun way for your partner to show you how much she loves you. If you aren’t getting as much oral sex as you want, use these methods to start getting it on a regular basis.

1. Wake Up The Nerves In Her Lips And Mouth

I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t absolutely LOVE this. Next time you’re in bed or even just kissing your woman, kiss her really nicely and then say. “Hold on a second. I want you to close your eyes and just let me kiss you for a second.”

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The key is to get her to just stay still with her mouth either closed or partially open. While she’s laying there (or standing there), take the very tip of your tongue and lightly trace it along her lips. You just barely want the tip of your tongue to touch her lip.

You’re not licking her like dog here or anything like that, you’re just gently caressing her lips with your tongue.Women LOVE this when you do it right.

2. Create An “Oral Fixation”

OK, you remember Pavlov’s dogs?  The short version is that Pavlov rang a dinner bell every time he was going to feed some dogs he had. Before long the dogs started salivating when he rang the bell even when there was no food.

We’re going to start doing something similar with your wife. We’re going to start creating a connection between pleasure and the idea of having part of YOU in her mouth. Next time you’re in bed with your woman, take time to really focus on HER pleasure.

If there’s a particular way she really likes you to fuck her, do that. Or you can go down on her, use your fingers. Just focus on doing something you KNOW gets her off and that she really enjoys.

While she’s in the throes of passion, bring your fingers up to her mouth. Just bring them right up to her lips. (Quick note: many women really LIKE the taste of their own vaginal juices. You may want to get your fingers all wet, finger her to an orgasm and then bring your fingers up to her mouth.)

The key is to have her suck on your fingers either WHILE she’s experiencing great pleasure (one hand is getting her off while the other is in her mouth) or directly afterwards.

This is largely a continuation of our last “Trick” but it deserves its own section. If/when she starts to lick and suck your fingers, make sure you give her POSITIVE reinforcement.

3. Use “Outside The Bedroom Talk”

Hopefully you’re in the habit of giving your wife/girlfriend/lover compliments. What I want you to do from now on is start mixing in the occasional comment on her lips, mouth or tongue. So at one point you might comment on her eyes, her hair, whatever else you find sexy about her.

But then slip in something like:

“You have the most gorgeous lips.”
Or “Your tongue really turns me on.”
Or “I love the way your lips feel on my skin.”

You don’t ever need to make a direct connection between this and oral sex. Instead just create the idea in her mind of her lips, mouth and tongue being sexy and beautiful and desirable.

Again, we’re going for more self esteem, power and desirability here. With everything you’re doing, make sure you do it with a smile. Remember, sex is FUN!

4. Show Her What It Feels Like

I know, this sounds weird, let me explain. Next time you’re messing around with your woman I want you kiss your way down her arm. Use your tongue and lips liberally here and really let her enjoy it.

Kiss your way across her palm, up her fingers and then (with a smile, this is FUN) take her finger into your mouth. Eye contact is good here. Really have fun with her fingers. Fingers are actually REALLY sensitive. She’ll probably like this a LOT and may even get into it.

Being the “Receiver” in that way can really help your woman get into the idea of blowjobs being fun for both side.

5. Make It Seem Like Her Idea

OK, as I said way back in the first few pages of this (increasingly comprehensive…man, my fingers are tired) training, one of the reason so many women don’t like giving a blowjob is because of trauma from the past.

A boyfriend or husband or some guy they were dating was too rough with her, made her gag, created a bad memory and ruined it for the rest of us.

So what we need to do to get her to be INTO the idea of giving you head is put her in the driver’s seat and make the whole thing seem like her idea. If you follow the first 4 steps I listed out here you should be slowly warming her up to the idea of her mouth being an erogenous zone and oral being fun.

Now it’s time to give her the opportunity to “take the bait” and make the decision all on her own to give you head.

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