Advanced Oral Sex Techniques That Will Drive Her WILD!


Oral sex can be good at a beginner’s level, but it can be INCREDIBLE if you use these super hot advanced oral sex tips and tricks.

When you’ve mastered all of the “beginner” oral sex tips, it’s time to create your own routines, learn even more tricks, and improvise as needed. Here are some ideas to get you started, but feel free to adapt them to your own needs, wants and desires.

The Tease

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This is a fun routine where no fingers are used at all. Only your tongue coaxes the climax out of your partner. It won’t be a full, heavy climax like when you play with her g-spot, but it will be exquisite nonetheless, and leave her panting for more.

  • Do not use your fingers inside of her at any time. Instead, use your hands to move her around or underneath you, and to position her at a different angle so that you can play with her vulva unpredictably and in ways you normally couldn’t if your hands were inside of her.
  • Use her legs so she can push against you; try having her in a partial split, or with one or both legs up around your shoulders. These positions also open her up more so that you can penetrate her vagina with your tongue.
  • Tease is the name of this routine, and for good reason: you want to keep most of your licking along the surface of her vulva, teasing out her clitoris and only occasionally touching it directly with a light flick.

Prolonged Pleasure

Multiple orgasms, and/or Tantric sex are mentioned in many Eastern sexual practice texts. Their premise sounds simple: men are trained to postpone their sexual release, while a woman’s pleasure is at the forefront of the experience. Both partners are encouraged to get to the brink of orgasm but then stop with the idea that when they do fall over the edge, it will be an incredible, connecting release like no other.

As women can have multiple orgasms in ways that men are rarely able to emulate, the differentiation between the pre-orgasm phase and orgasm phase aren’t important with this routine. Instead, the focus is on giving her the ultimate pleasure, so that she can ride out an even longer climax when it does occur. Therefore, your focus here should be to keep her in the pre-orgasm phase as long as possible without actually pushing her over the edge into release.

  • Use whichever routine or techniques you enjoy to bring your partner to the pre-orgasm phase. For some playful fun, you may want to introduce a bit of light bondage if she’s up for it, because it’ll make your work easier to keep her from making herself cum. Many women find this process so exquisite that they don’t want to wait to orgasm and will take matters into their own hands. Having said that, don’t tie her up if she’s not willing, and create some sort of ‘safe word’ so that she can yell it out in the heat of the moment so you know she needs to be released immediately. Try for some words that neither of you would accidentally say during a lovemaking session.
  • When you notice that she’s in the pre-orgasm phase, pull back on whatever it is you are doing. Stop pressing so firmly, don’t lick as heartily, or stop altogether. See if moving back still propels her forward. If it does, stop completely for several seconds before starting again, even more lightly than before.


To engage in fingering, you’ll want to lie next to each other on your backs with your arm across her abdomen. Put your hand by her vulva; if it hurts or you find the position uncomfortable, move so that your arm is supported by her body. This way you can manipulate her manually without fear of getting tired or having a sore hand, plus it allows you to give her the kind of stimulation she requires to orgasm.

The process of finger play has several aspects to it:

  • Where the two of you lie next to each other, your hand rests on her pubic bone and you fingers drop down to play with her. One finger parts her lips and traces the outlines of her labia and thighs.
  • The same finger then plays with her vagina lightly using the “come here” stroke.
  • Move your whole hand in unison, making small, circular movements that apply pressure to both the g-spot and clitoris.
  • Take your hand out of her vagina, and lay your palm flat against her vulva. Let her press up against you and use her tension to arouse herself. If your hand is getting sore, this is a great technique to give it a bit of a break and let her do some of the work, which isn’t rude, but rather, just what her body needs to build towards climax.

As you lie next to her, change it up between these three techniques, using each one as you feel she wants or needs it. If you like, and if you want a different angle to play with, have her roll over onto her belly while you play with her that way.

Whatever you choose to do, do it slowly and carefully. Build up to a climax like a good story builds to a grand finale.

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