6 Beginner’s Oral Sex Techniques


Oral sex is so much fun to learn! Check out these easy to do oral sex tips for men that haven’t had a lot of experience in the art of cunnilingus.

Start with the most basic of tongue manipulations, and keep any extra combinations to a minimum so as to examine her sexual response and learn more about what she likes, and how to do it repeatedly.

1. The First Touch

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This should take no more than a minute.

Tongue: One flat-tongued, soft lick from the bottom of her vagina to the top above her clitoris.

Hands: Both underneath her body, softly yet firmly holding onto her bum. Her legs should be parted only enough to allow you access.

Finger: Nothing at this time.

2. Build A Rhythm

This should take between two and five minutes.

Tongue: Start with about five soft-tongued licks that only cover half of her vulva, and then follow with three to five long tongue laps. Gear your attention primarily to her labia and frenulum; only the long tongue laps should reach her clitoris.

Hands: Take one hand away from her bottom to place a finger inside of her. With the other hand, grasp both of her butt cheeks firmly but not painfully you want to give her the tension she needs for what’s coming up, but you don’t want her to be self-conscious about what you’re doing, either.

Fingers: Take your index finger and put it only partially inside the entrance to her vagina.

3. Build Tension

This can take anywhere from five to ten minutes.

Tongue: Establish a rhythm where you lick her from bottom to top without actually touching the clitoris – five times – then lick her clitoris once horizontally.

Hands: Keep supporting her buttocks.

Fingers: Leave your finger where it was before and use it to feel where she’s at along her arousal process. Is she clenching? Is she lubricated? Allow your other fingers to gently touch other nearby areas, such as her perineum or anal area.

4. Intensify Your Moves

This can take anywhere from five to ten minutes.

Tongue: Continue with the vertical and horizontal tongue stroke rhythm. Occasionally do a “tongue press,” where you take your tongue, hold it flat and firm, and push it up against her clitoris for five seconds.

Hands: Continue holding her buttocks, and see if you can gently play a bit with her perineum using your thumb.

Fingers: Put another finger inside her vagina. Push both fingers up toward her g-spot, and feel around for it.

5. Moving Into The Pre-Orgasm Phase

This usually lasts between three to five minutes.

Tongue: Use the tongue press on her clitoris. Make sure the pressure is firm, and slow things down even more than before. Let her push back against you to show you what she likes and works for her.

Hands: Make sure that the hand beneath her has the right angle and that you have her firmly in your grasp. The arm leading to the fingers inside of her should feel her inner thigh muscles pushing against them, as if she wants to close her legs.

Fingers: Keep your fingers partially inside of her with your palm facing up, and use your thumb to push against her frenulum. The pressure needs to stay constant inside of her along the g-spot, but right now your focus should be on the frenulum thumb touch.

6. Give Her The Big Orgasm!

This usually lasts around one minute or less.

Tongue: Stay in contact with her clitoris using the firm tongue press. She’ll push against you and try to close your legs, but hold on and keep doing what you’re doing. When the contractions are finished (you’ll feel them with the fingers inside of her) lick her clitoris only once, and very, very gently. She should pull back when you do, which means she’s had an orgasm and now needs a bit of time to recoup.

Hands: Her pelvic muscles should clench your fingers. Feel them so you know where she’s at, and keep the pressure on her frenulum the entire time.

Fingers: Use the hand underneath her to keep yourself in close contact with her; as she orgasms it may prove difficult, so firm pressure is needed.

Keep a close eye as to where she’s at along the orgasmic process, and cater your movements accordingly. Start lightly and offer more firm support with your tongue as you go along. If need be, get a vibrator to help with the g-spot so you can concentrate on the licking.

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