Oral Sex: Bring On The Sex Toys Too!


Oral sex can be even more fun when you put sex toys in the mix also. Here’s how you can vamp up oral sex with vibrators, dildos and more!

If You Already Have Sex Toys

If your partner already has a vibrator, by all means use it. But if you need to go shopping for one, do it together so that you can both enjoy the myriad of shapes, sizes and specialties. Plus, you’ll get a better idea as to what she likes and is used to, while still interjecting your needs into the picture as well.

If You’re New To Sex Toys

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So what kind of vibrator to choose? Foremost, you want one that performs well for the service you require, rather than one that merely looks good. As well, you want something that isn’t meant to penetrate or be inserted like a penis would be, but rather one with a long handle that makes getting it in between your bodies easier. Variable speeds are also important, as is something that offers a firm softness, much like your fingers or tongue would. You could also go for a G-Spot toy if you want to as it can serve other purposes as well. But no matter what you choose, find a vibrator that is easy to hold for long periods, doesn’t turn either of you off, and is simple and straightforward to use.

How To Use Sex Toys During Oral Sex

To use the toy, introduce it anytime after you’ve made first contact with your tongue. Having said that, you’ll both probably enjoy its use more if you wait until she’s heading towards pre-orgasm. Use it in place of your fingers until then, and make sure it’s on it’s lowest setting for starters; all you want to do is build tension and offer her rhythmic pulses for now.

Then, take the vibrator and place it just inside her vagina. If it doesn’t go in smoothly, put some lubricant on the toy and try again. Don’t delve too far into her vagina, as most of her nerve endings are right around the opening.

Gently pulse the vibrator in small, defined motions in and out of her vagina. You aren’t looking to treat the toy like a penis, but rather are trying to massage the first inch or so inside the vaginal opening. Use the tip of the toy for the most part, and allow it to rest at times so that her pelvic muscles can build tension and stiffen around it.

After a few minutes, try putting your finger inside of her while the vibrator is still moving too. Push the toy up towards her belly button to really get at her g-spot.

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