Oral Sex: Female Erogenous Zones 101


Oral sex is definitely something you want to include in your sex routine if you want your girl to have an orgasm. Don’t skip these hot spots though!

Don’t Speed Through The Kissing!

Remember making out as a teenager or college student? Remember how you’d spend so much time kissing your partner, kissing her neck and (possibly) touching her breasts through her shirt? You spent so much time on the non-sexual parts because, well, you weren’t allowed to touch down there yet. Now that we’re older and we are allowed to touch “down there,” we always cut to the chase.

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If you want to gear your partner up for an extra-special and pleasurable session of oral sex, start by kissing her like you were both teenagers again. You can only touch “down there” if she lets you! Like we said before, depending on the occasion, you can speed this up a bit if you or your partner are not inclined to spend an hour making out, but at least give her a little bit to get her warmed up.

How To Kiss The Right Way

Kiss her, but don’t kiss her while thinking about what body part you’re going to lick next in four seconds. Kiss her while thinking about kissing her. Kiss her as though you were kissing her vulva and give her a preview of what she will feel tonight. Let her imagine those lips on her vulva – deep kissing like this will help you both get into the right frame of mind. Remember not to be too sloppy or too uptight. A little tongue will be nice, but let your lips do all the work.

Kiss Your Girl’s Neck

Not surprisingly, the neck is a very erogenous zone. Be careful not to kiss her too lightly or she will get tickled, but perhaps on this night, a little tickling might be nice. Also remember not to get too rough with her. Find a nice balance in between and stay for a few minutes. While in the neck area, you can also drift up to the earlobe and whisper to her how excited you are about what’s to come, or how tonight is just for her.

Put Your Hands And Mouth On Your Lover’s Breasts

This is most men’s favorite part, but be careful not to dive right onto the nipples – it can be almost as detrimental as going straight for the clitoris. If she is wearing her shirt still, make an effort to caress her lightly with both your hands and mouth through her blouse. She will feel the light touch and become aroused, but she will not be shocked with the more intense touch that will come when her blouse has been taken off. Speaking of, make a big deal about taking off her blouse. Do it slowly and deliberately. Take off her bra in the same manner, and give her the attention you would give her if you were seeing her naked breasts for the first time.

When caressing her with your hands, make sure not to pinch her nipples too hard – you can roll them between your thumb and forefinger like you would roll a cigarette, but don’t press down or pinch. When beginning to lick the breasts, again, don’t go directly for the nipple. Lick all around her breasts for several minutes, working your way down. Once your mouth is on the nipple, you can swirl your tongue around it like you were licking an ice cream cone. This feels divine!

Another technique is to flick the nipple with your tongue. Spend lots of time (unless your partner is nudging you downwards!) caressing and licking her breasts and nipples – studies show that there is a direct link between the breasts and the clitoris. Also, once you do begin cunnilingus, don’t forget about her breasts! Many women enjoy their nipples being caressed while their vulva is being licked.

Don’t Miss The Stomach/Belly Button

This can be a very erogenous zone, but it usually is not. Light kisses work best here, because there needs to be a transition between the top half of the body and the lower half. Extreme licking in this area may turn a woman off, but feel free to use your tongue a little bit – but again, light kisses work best in the stomach area. Don’t stay too long in this zone because it is not directly giving her pleasure. Waiting too long in between the pleasurable zone of her breasts and the actual cunnilingus may cause her to become frustrated.

Kiss Her Inner Thighs

This is a good place to go before jumping right into the vulva. If your partner is self conscious about her inner thighs, don’t spend long here, but you want her to feel the warm wetness of your mouth and your heated breath before putting your lips on her vulva. This will get her anticipating your tongue even more! Be careful of ticklish thighs, however, and avoid nibbling if your partner is ticklish. If she likes it, however, nibble away!

If you want to tease her even more, alternate between licking her vulva a little bit and staying in between her inner thighs. Again, be aware that too long in between pleasurable activities (or in this case, too long before finally giving her vulva pleasure) may frustrate her and turn her off. If you pay attention to her body language, you will know when she is ready for you to begin cunnilingus.

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