Oral Sex – Getting Ready To Give Head


Oral sex is very intimate – meaning, your face is right there in your man’s junk. Making sure it’s clean and well groomed is key to making it pleasurable.

Bringing your face and mouth so close to someone’s genitals can produce much anxiety. In this section we will explore how you and your partner can best prepare yourselves for a successful fellatio session.

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Some women are turned on or aroused by a man’s natural smell and some aren’t – it really depends on the woman’s preference. You may or may not enjoy your partner’s natural smell and it may even depend on the partner – it is fine either way. We can generally come to a consensus however, in saying that most women are not terribly fond of the smell of an unwashed penis or groin or a groin that has been subjected to a hot and sweaty day in a tight pair of jeans (no matter how much some women might like how those tight jeans may look).

If you are one of the women that don’t particularly enjoy your partner’s smell or if your partner has had a gnarly day at work, you might want to incorporate a shower into your pre-oral sex routine. This may not need much effort on your part – some men will automatically feel the need (or want) to shower before having a woman put her face so near his genitals and backside, for that matter. Incorporating a shower into the pre-oral sex routine does not need to be approached gently as in the case of a woman. You don’t necessarily want to go advertising that he smells down there (don’t bruise the ego!) but you can generally suggest hot, soapy shower sex beforehand without the risk of your partner inferring that he smells.

To get things rolling, you can soap him up in the shower with a bit of handjob action to make it all the more exciting for him. He may not feel comfortable with you washing under his scrotum or in his anal area, so hand him a washcloth and let him do it himself if that’s the case. Just remember not to skip these parts, because the thicker pubic hairs in these areas cause odor molecules to cling to them like white on rice.


Since we’ve established that odor lurks in places with thick, kinky hair (such as in the deep groin and anal area), shortening or removing the hair in these places may seem like a great idea. Theoretically, it is! Your partner may not take to the idea of a razor getting so close to his manly parts. If you feel that shortening, trimming or shaving some or all of the hair in his groin area might make fellatio more pleasurable for you, suggest this to him! There are several things you can point out to help sway him to see your point.

  • Everything looks bigger with less hair on it – chest muscles (also called Pecs) stand out more when a man has little or no chest hair and the same applies to penises!  It will look like he has a bigger penis with no hair. Not everyone likes a completely shaven member though and this includes both men and women.
  • If you or your partner feels uncomfortable around a completely bald penis, try just a close trim (try setting #3 on a beard trimmer to start). This too will achieve the desired illusion of a bigger manhood without making your partner look and feel like a ten year old boy again! Discuss with your partner which he feels would be better – a completely shaven member or a closely trimmed one? Let him choose. It will make him feel more in control over the situation you have suggested. He may even feel like it was his idea! Let him know that if he doesn’t like it, he can always grow it back – it doesn’t take long. That way, he feels like it isn’t something he has to be totally committed to.
  • Less sweating – less hair down there means less heat and less heat means less sweating. Really, less sweating means less smell and there it is all boiled down for you. But in this case, when presenting the idea to your partner, he may like the sound of not being so hot and sweaty down there when he is working or doing other chores that cause sweatiness. Be careful though with shaving in this respect as growing back, it may be itchy and any sweat can cause extreme discomfort. If this happens to a completely shaven man, baby powder can help alleviate it. Best bet is to give his groin a nice trim, fairly close to the skin.
  • Less hassle – although the trimming and shaving will take some effort, it is well worth it. Think, no pubic hairs caught in the zipper! Also, letting him know that being trimmed or shaven will make fellatio more enjoyable for you and you’ll be more likely to do it more often – this alone can make him ready to get out the trimmers!

If your partner does decide to try shaving, there are some very important tips that can help make the process (and the aftercare) a bit easier for him and a lot more manageable.

  • Soak in a warm bath for a few minutes before shaving to soften the hairs.
  • Conditioner can also be used on the hair to soften it – leave it on for several minutes.
  • Trim any long hair with scissors (or an electric shaver) before starting
  • Use disposable safety razors – never use a straight blade!
  • Use your hands to manipulate skin to stretch it out before shaving it
  • Use hypoallergenic, unscented soaps, shaving creams and lotions. It will cut down on irritation later.
  • Don’t use powder unless it’s cornstarch
  • Use a mirror – a hand mirror works well. It’s easier if you can see what you’re doing!
  • Over-the-counter cortisone cream can help razor burn should it arise.

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