How To Get Him To LOVE Going Down On You!


Oral sex isn’t something that all men like. If you are dealing with a guy that will not go down on you, there are a few things that you can do to take charge. Here is what real men and women are saying about how to get a guy to like going down on you.

What She Said:

Work With Him

When it comes to oral sex you can’t force anyone to like it but there are a few things you can do to make your guy be more inclined to go down on you.  One way is to do it is to go down on each other the same time!  The 69 position is perfect!  You can start giving  head and then swing your hips over to his face.

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With mutual oral sex no one can say no, your tongues are already busy.  Another helpful tip is to keep your bikini line trimmed, you don’t have to go hairless but you should keep it tidy for him.  Speaking of tidy, many women fear of an odor down there and some guys might be squeamish about it too.

But, unless you have an infection, everything one can smell and taste down there is completely fine.  Another tip to get your guy to like it more is to let him know how much you like it.  While he is down there, moan and tell him what you are enjoying.  Lastly, be thankful.  Afterwards thank him with a high five or a blowjob!  It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

What He Said:

Don’t Expect Him To Know What You Like

Some guys don’t like doing it. It’s true. If you like getting head and he doesn’t like giving it and isn’t willing to learn, then you should move on. Let him hook up with some girl who has self confidence issues with her vagina and doesn’t want to get oral sex.

Some guys are concerned about getting an STD from giving you head. If that’s there deal, then use a dental dam. It prevents any STD transmission from happening and they’re also flavored, so your man will have a tasty treat in case he’s a guy who doesn’t like the taste of your vagina.

I really think for most guys who say they don’t like going down on a girl that it’s really a case of them not knowing how to properly perform cunnilingus on a woman. It’s different for every woman and where women have the benefit of men, who are always all to eager to tell you in great detail how you should be blowing them, many women just expect you to know how to give them amazing head without giving their men even the slightest hint.

He Can’t Read Your Mind!

Men aren’t good at reading what’s on a woman’s mind, do you really think they’re better at reading your vagina? Probably, not so much, if you really think about it. As much as every guy on the planet would like to be known as the “vagina whisperer” that’s just not how it is. Men really want to rock their women’s world. They want you to have an orgasm way more than you do. Society cheers for the importance of a job well done, so he’s probably dying to give you amazing oral sex more than you are dying for it.

So stop expecting your guy to know what your vagina likes. Tell him what to do. Always be sure to frame it in the right way. Don’t tell your guy what he’s doing wrong. Say that you’d like to try something that would make what he’s doing even better. He’ll be down for it. That’s a very subtle yet important distinction.

Give very detailed, explicit and real time instructions. Yes, telling him how to eat your pussy while he’s giving you oral sex, might not be quite as hot as him just automatically knowing how to give you multiple orgasms, but bear with him. If you’re willing to go through the instructional period, you’ll be rewarded with amazing oral sex very soon. Even if it takes a while for him to master, you’ll see immediate dividends as he makes his gradual progression towards giving you oral sex like the champ of your vagina.

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