How To Make Him Melt In Your Mouth


Oral sex can be a pretty touchy subject with a lot of women, mainly because a lot of women out there just don’t feel comfortable. The main reason for this level of discomfort is because women just don’t want to mess anything up. They want to be good at giving oral and they want to make it a mind blowing experience for their man. Also, nothing would be more embarrassing than having your gag reflex come into play and end up ruining the entire experience or any future experience for that matter. It is easy to understand why giving a blowjob might be scary, but you are missing out if you aren’t giving him that satisfaction.

Don’t you want to make your man melt? Don’t you want to leave him in a pleasure induced coma and render him speechless? Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing to have all of the power in the bedroom and to make him completely weak in the knees? You are getting excited by these thoughts, aren’t you? Then it’s time you learned how to make the pleasurable experiences happen for both you and your man tonight.

Ease Into It

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You can’t go in guns blazing. That’s the first rule. Just with sex, there is a little foreplay involved. Even in those heated moments, you never just go right into it. There is always some form of foreplay to get you both going. The same rule must be upheld for oral sex. You don’t necessarily have to take your time, but don’t go right into it right away.

Start off slow by kissing around his penis. Use your hand to stroke around the base and gradually work your way up the shaft. Starting off with your hand will ensure that you are making him hard and making your job ultimately easier. This also gets him going and gets him used to stimulation. Then, you can throw your tongue into the mix. Use your tongue to lick up and down the sides of his shaft and making your way up to the head of his penis. Keep in mind, the head of his penis is akin to your clitoris – it gets very sensitive when directly stimulated. Use your tongue to massage around the penis but never stay on one spot.

By this time, he is going to be begging for it so it’s time to move into phase two. Don’t leave him on the verge of this breaking point for too long. It’s time to give him.

Work Your Magic

Even though it is called ‘oral sex,’ that doesn’t mean that you have to use your mouth and only your mouth. Even though your warm tongue and mouth both feel incredible stimulating him all over, he needs a bit of rough stimulation as well and this is where your hands come into play.

With your mouth and tongue on the tip of his penis, stimulating his most sensitive spot, he is craving some rough stimulation on his shaft where he can handle that kind of a touch. This is a perfect opportunity to use your hand or both your hands and to really work his shaft.

When doing this, make sure you have a lot of lubrication. Another mind blowing oral tip to keep in mind is that for him, the wetter the better. Make sure that he is plenty lubed up with either lubrication or your saliva so he doesn’t encounter any friction that will take away from the experience.

Get Into It

Good girls can give good head but bad girls give amazing head. Don’t be afraid to moan and to get into it. Flip around and let him tend to you while you are on top giving it to him. Oral is supposed to be fun and the more you let loose, the sexier and amazing it is going to be. Also, the more you are into it and the more relaxed you are, the easier it is going to be for you to take him in your mouth.

If you want to deep throat and give him that kind of an experience, then there is a trick for that so you can do so with ease and reassurance. All you do is make a fist with your left hand, press your index and thumb together and squeeze as hard as you can. This pressure will bypass your gag reflex so you will be able to allow your man to explore all of the depths of your mouth. Try it tonight!

You can give your man an amazing mind blow oral sex experience tonight and it is about time that you did just that. Make him melt with just your mouth and have him eating out of the palm of your time in no time.

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