Oral Sex: How To Push All Her Hot Buttons!

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There’s no denying that couples of all ages love to engage in oral sex practices. In fact, married couples are likely to have more sex, and more varied sex, than single people and, according to stats, even oral sex is more common in married couples rather than single couples.

So here’s some advice to help you hone your oral dexterity.

Oral Sex Prepwork

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One of the biggest turn-offs when performing oral sex on someone is not being clean, trimmed and proper. And assume that if you’re giving oral sex to her, she’s going to give it to you.

The clean side: Wash. Everywhere. For longer than three seconds. There are a lot of tiny hidden crevices in and around a man’s penis, and after a long day tucked into underwear and pants, naturally you’re going to sweat (and start to possibly smell – I’m not going to sugar-coat it). Proper regular hygiene creates a much more inviting environment for her face (and all of her senses). Even a quick washcloth wipe-down will be an improvement.

The trimmed side: Maybe you just missed the manscaping train, but it’s time to hop on because, well, hair is icky. Not all hair – just long, thick hair. It’s a trap for bacteria, it’s not the most attractive accessory, and it’s another deterrent when it comes to creating an appealing atmosphere.

Best Oral Sex Positions

Just as there are a countless number of techniques to satisfy your mate there are just as many varying positions you can use when engaging in oral sex, each with its own perks.

Need a few? OK, here goes:

She stands and you kneel in front of her. This is perfect for urgent sex plus it appeals to alpha females who like seeing you shamelessly submissive in front of him. And besides, if you want to see her in that position next, then you’d better get on your knees (put a pillow underneath your knees so she can see you’re not in any rush).

If you want to impress, lie on your back on the bed with your head hanging over the edge and get her to straddle your mouth. You may not be able to stay in this position for long, but she’ll definitely appreciate the effort.

Techniques That Will Drive Her Wild

All of the positions mentioned above can be effective but only if you use the right techniques. That means – you use all those tools, from your fingers and hands to your mouth and tongue, to manoeuvre your way around and get her off.

While a repetitive motion can be the perfect way to finish things off and help your wife to climax, a slow melange of kissing, licking, sucking, and even gentle blowing is the best technique to get her to the sheet-clenching stage. Mix long broad strokes with more delicate ones. Breathe lightly on her clitoris (never into her vagina) between licks.

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