How To REALLY Eat A Girl Out


Oral sex is something lots of girls love, but rarely get because many men just don’t know how to do it right. Here’s the truth about how to go down on a girl!

The long and short of it is this: A tongue on her vulva feels wonderful. Whatever your tongue does down there is almost always a hit. That’s how powerful that thing is. What parts of the vulva do you lick? Flick? Suck? The answer is: EVERYTHING!

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Everywhere your tongue can take you, GO! You don’t focus on a few spots, you make a pass and provoke every single fold – she wants you to. Cover all her bases and make one juicy woman very happy.

So, you want to learn how to eat kitty? Let’s get to the trenches and be in on the action.

1. Start With Her Pubic Mound

The mound is a wonderful area to play with. Think: grazing goat – only the grass is black and you don’t have any horns. Go dive into her mound. Nuzzle and glide your lips around as if you’re tickling her. Feel the textures. Remember that with cunnilingus, both giver and receiver get sensual bombardment.

Blow onto the area and watch her shrubbery sway with every breath. Vary breeze temperature by increasing or decreasing the size of your mouth’s opening.

Try a playful nibble and bite.

2. Lick Around Her Large Labia (The Outer Lips)

Wet your lips and do lip glides. Glide over her fat lips. Then, lick them up and down – mostly up. A variation of this is moving your tongue rapidly from side to side whilst licking up and down.  If her labia allows, perform some nibbling or munching actions. This will initiate her into a happy rage.

3. Gently Nibble And Suck Her Smaller Labia (The Inner Lips)

If her inner-smaller lips could speak, they’d probably say, “Hey buddy, over here! Lick us, flick us, bite us… again and again.”

And that’s what exactly you should do – lick them good, flick them good. Use your hands to spread folds of skin and expose hidden surfaces. Then lick those lips. Let them have it. Bite on them with your lips, then gently tug. Stretch her labia around. Suck on them like a nipple. Bring them into your mouth, continuing to flick while inside. These will make her lose a little bit of composure.

Alternate between licks, sucks and bites. You know you’re doing great if you hear some moaning and heavy breathing.

4. Lick Her Vaginal Opening

Make sure this a wet and warm episode. First, lick around the vagina opening. Then spread her and lick the exposed sides. The most sensitive part is near the opening, so give it some good lovin’. She’ll start to well up so let her juices flow. Can you taste that? That’s her way of telling you she likes what you’re doing.

Lick up and down, side to side and go around and around her vaginal opening. Go soft, and then stiff. Use both pointed and flat tongue elements to create combos. Suck her juice if you want to, but whatever you do, never blow into the vagina.

Try extending your tongue as deep as you can. But don’t worry if you can’t venture very far, she doesn’t expect you to go frog or lizard on her. You can use fingering to take care of those corners.

5. Hone In On Her Clitoris

The clitoris is where it’s at guys. This is home, baby!

Listen. When she’s just starting to get warmed up, you can come and go with the clitoral excitation. But, when she’s on the verge of orgasm, you don’t ever, ever leave the nest. Continue clitoral stimulation, stay with it and forget the rest of her vulva. When you want to tease a woman, you do it while she’s on the build up stage. When she’s on the verge of an orgasm (or in the middle of it), you’ll have to be the biggest jerk not to finish the job.

Almost anything your wet tongue can do with the clitoris will feel good.

Attack and lick the surrounding areas first. Then lick through the hood. And when you lick the clitoral head itself, start with a flat, soft tongue. (Later, you can operate with the stiff and pointy version and seriously increase both speed & intensity.)

Be creative with your lapping. To induce variety, some guys imagine writing the Alphabet with their tongues. (It’s the tongue adaptation of that fine art of writing your name on snow when you pee.) And while you’re at it, “write” your age, address, heck, your whole resume, on her pleasure center.

That gives your tongue an assortment of combo’s. But as she’s nearing climax, hold off the variety and give her a rapid up-&-down or side-to-side stimulation she can count on.

Suck on her clitoris, but don’t suck it dry, suck it wet. Slurp on it like a baby searching for nourishment. Bring it and the surrounding area to your mouth – giving the zone a gentle tug. Then, electrify her senses by delivering flicking maneuvers while inside. Produce slurping sounds as you do. Before finally releasing the clitoris from your mouth’s blissful grip, let it pass through the smooth inner side of your lips.


In a very short while, her body will quake and enter an ecstatic orgasm!

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