Oral Sex Positions That Will Make Your Girl Beg For More!


Oral sex positions can make cunnilingus even hotter for your lover. Try these oral sex positions tonight and watch out – she won’t be able to get enough!

Legs Up

This is probably the most popular and widely used cunnilingus position. Your partner lays on a flat surface and you place your head squarely between her legs. This is absolutely excellent for uninhibited access to her vulva and this is one that most women find extremely comfortable. The only drawback of this particular one is that it is very hard on the man’s neck to continue to pleasure his partner in this way.

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Any person with neck problems or a neck that easily gets cramped up if in one position too long should try another way to not only maximize his comfort but to allow her uninhibited oral sex. If you are one of the latter gentlemen and this particular arrangement tends to cause your neck to stiffen up but your partner really enjoys it, you can try placing a pillow or two underneath her buttocks to help raise her vulva to a comfortable level for you – one in which your neck is not quite as bent.

Legs On The Bed

This is another popular move and honestly, is not quite that different from “Legs Up” with the exception, of course, that the legs are never “up,” however, they are always touching the bed. Although there are not as many variations on this move as the “Legs Up” move, it is an excellent move for women who prefer to feel more in control of the cunnilingus session. This generally is not a better angle for the neck, though, so if your neck is bothersome, continue reading to the other oral sex positions.

Your partner will lay the same way on the bed (or other surface such as a mat on the floor or the couch) and you will kneel and place your mouth squarely between her legs. This is one where you can easily lie down, if that is more comfortable to you. Keep in mind, however, that lying down in this position as well as “Legs Up” as opposed to propping yourself up with your elbows creates more of a bend in the neck and can increase neck pain and discomfort.


This is by far the most comfortable arrangement for those of you who get stiff necks with most of the other oral sex positions. Sometimes known as the “69,” you will invert your body so that your legs are on the same end of the bed as her head and her legs are on the same end of the bed as your head. This is great for the neck because the neck retains a much more natural angle – such as staying straight or bending downwards ever so slightly – and is great for men who like to take a long time on their ladies or ladies who take a long time to orgasm. There are plenty of variations on this one as well – just use your imagination!

Generally, in this arrangment, you and your partner can choose whether or not to simultaneously pleasure each other orally by just moving your pelvis directly in front of her face or by moving it off to the side. If both partners enjoy simultaneous orgasm this way, it can be of great benefit to both of them by allowing them to feel more emotionally and physically connected. Don’t suggest simultaneous pleasure all the time, however, because while she is pleasuring you, she has less focus on the pleasure she is receiving and cannot fully appreciate your cunnilingus efforts. One of the best benefits of this arrangement is that facing her vulva downwards naturally allows for a downward tongue stroke.

Remember earlier when we said that some women (and almost all women when they’re not aroused) can find an upwards tongue stroke on the clitoris uncomfortable? This is the greatest way to combat that! The tongue naturally strokes the clitoris through the clitoral hood and in a downward motion – therefore eliminating any straight on the clitoral head discomfort. As with the closed-leg position, the backwards one does not allow for much more than clitoral stimulation as the tongue can’t reach quite to the back of the vulva and all the way to the vagina, however, it does allow more access than the closed-leg position.

Doggy Style

Yes, this particular cunnilingus position takes its name directly from the popular intercourse variation – but it does not need to be associated with the same negative connotations and criticism that the intercourse version of the “Doggy Style” position can sometimes get. With this one, your partner will place herself on a solid surface (such as the floor or a bed) on all fours, tilting her hips slightly towards the ceiling.

You will angle your face within licking and sucking distance of her vulva. The variations on this  arrangment is what make it so unique – while the woman generally stays the same way, her partner can alter his placement in regards to her vulva any which way he chooses, making each doggy style cunnilingus session different. This one is great if you and your partner are feeling especially randy – it can feel a little more “dirty” or “kinky” than a traditional cunnilingus position.

Sit On My Face

This is a great one to try if a woman is confident about her body and herself, although we wouldn’t recommend it for every cunnilingus session as it can be somewhat daunting to the male partner. Generally, you will lie down on the bed face up and your partner will “sit” on your face by setting each knee on either side of your head and her vulva just above your mouth, giving you only enough distance to breathe on and suck and lick her vulva.

A woman must be confident with her body and confident in herself to be comfortable with this arrangement because as the man is positioned beneath her, he will be looking up at her and get a very good view of her entire body, including the undersides of her breasts. Of course, for many couples this is an extreme turn-on but for some, this kind of uninhibited view can make one or both partners a little uncomfortable. Be sure and discuss “Sit on My Face” with your partner before trying it.

Of course, there are plenty of wacky, uncomfortable oral sex positions out there for you to try and you can use your imagination to think up anything you might possibly desire! Keep in mind though; you don’t have to try all kinds to impress your partner. Find a few that really work great and stick to them, unless both you and your partner are feeling particularly turned-on and the mood – then you can try some of the more kinky oral sex positions.

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