Oral Sex: Safety Considerations When Going Down On A Woman


Oral sex is mostly safer than intercourse when it comes to STD’s, but the risk is still there. Find out how you can make oral sex as safe as possible.

Will She Really Enjoy It If You Use Precautions?

What are the proper precautions when practicing safer cunnilingus and other sexual foreplay involving the vulva? Well, they’re no fun. Safer sexual contact during these activities involves lots of latex and frankly, most women will be completely turned off by the mere suggestion of a dental dam.

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Why use one then? If the woman is not going enjoy cunnilingus, why bother?

Well, for starters, if she’s that uptight about it, then don’t bother. Just think of it this way – men wear condoms. Men hate condoms. Why do they wear them? That’s easy – to keep from having children and contracting STD’s. Most men will sacrifice the extra pleasure of intercourse without a condom considering the alternatives. Certainly, a woman should be willing to sacrifice some pleasure for the sake of keeping both parties safe and STD-free. If there are valid risks associated with performing oral sex for a particular partner and she will not oblige to practicing safer sex, again we say: don’t bother.

Tools For Safer Oral Sex

But for those who are interested in practicing safer cunnilingus and other foreplay, there are a slew of tools that can be used at your discretion – you may even have some in your kitchen drawer right now. You may have heard of dental dams – you know, those little latex squares they use at the dentist’s office to isolate a tooth. Those are great for using during oral sex, but adult toy companies have started making what they call “lollyes” or “dental dams” – the same concept, but labeled specifically for oral sex.

If you’re in the heat of the moment and haven’t got anything else on hand, plastic wrap will work just fine (see, we told you it might be in your kitchen drawer). If you haven’t put two and two together yet, the dental dam/lollye/plastic wrap goes in between your partner’s vulva and your tongue. Lubrication is very, very important if you’re using any of these items during cunnilingus. Just imagine a very dry latex condom. Uncomfortable, right?

Plus, having lube on the vulva-side of the latex or plastic will mimic the feeling of a wet tongue more closely. Remember though, oil-based lubricant can cause latex to break down – always use water-based lubricant.

Gloves, Etc.

If you plan on engaging in foreplay of the vulva using your hands, you may want to consider using a latex glove if you’re concerned about the risk of transmitting STD’s. Truthfully, infections such as gonorrhea, Chlamydia and the like generally aren’t going to be transmitted through hand-to-vulva contact. If, however, there are open sores or cuts on the hands, fingers or vulva, you do run the risk of possibly transmitting or contracting an STD.

Unlike with cunnilingus, using a latex glove does not hinder the pleasurable feelings in the least – in fact, when properly lubricated; a gloved finger may feel more heavenly than one with calluses and hangnails. Just keep in mind that a dry latex glove doesn’t feel good – remember to use plenty of water-based lube. Although some of these ideas may seem like no fun, it really is better to be safe than sorry.

A caring partner will happily oblige if you request protection for both her and yourself if you are concerned about sexually transmitted diseases. And if she doesn’t happily oblige? You may want to reconsider sexual relations with this person entirely.

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