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Oral sex is often one of the only ways men know how to get their partners off. Unfortunately, even oral sex doesn’t automatically bring women to orgasm. Remember that a sizable percentage of women have never had an orgasm, and many of them are probably guilty of faking orgasms during oral sex. After all, they feel even more pressure to climax when you’re selflessly trying to please them. Plus, we can’t discuss oral sex without talking about some ways you can pleasure your partner while she pleasures you. In this section, we’ll look at some techniques that can help in both areas.

Humming Rotating Tongue

Most men resort to a type of licking motion when performing oral sex on a woman, however, its the movement of the tongue which matters when it comes to helping her achieve orgasm. Have you ever watched a dog drink water out of its bowl? If so, then you’ve seen the short, fast movement of its tongue in the water. That’s the type of movement you can imitate during oral sex.

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If your partner enjoys the way a vibrator makes her feel inside, then you can turn your mouth into a vibrator during oral sex just by humming. You can try humming an actual tune or just maintaining a single pitch. Either way the vibration in your mouth and jaw will be transferred into her pelvic region and her clitoris. This technique may be especially useful if your partner’s not quite aroused enough for direct clitoral stimulation.

Because she receives quick jolts of pleasure interrupted by a brief moment of no stimulation, its almost as if you are teasing her and this is going to increase her sexual tension and help her build towards the climax. When she is nearing that point, however, you may need to switch to a technique that provides more continuous stimulation.

Face Straddle

Another trick to try when it comes to oral sex is having your partner straddle your face. While she straddles, your mouth and your tongue are going to work on her clitoris. You can also have your hands on her hips and move her body in a circular motion or in the diamond-shape we discussed earlier. This will add even greater stimulation and may make her reach orgasm faster and harder.

Some women love circular stimulation. That’s why grinding into your partner during vaginal intercourse can often bring her to orgasm. During oral sex, you can use the same trick with your tongue. Move your tongue around her vagina or around her clitoris in a rotating motion. Start slowly, and then begin to move faster as her pleasure builds.

Toys & Cunnilingus

Even though oral sex provides some women with orgasms, some report that these orgasms are not as fulfilling because they are not accompanied by that sense of fullness provided by the penetration of your penis in their vagina. To alleviate that problem and to even improve the odds of attaining an orgasm, you can use a dildo or a vibrator on your partner at the same time you are performing oral sex. If you don’t want to share her vagina with a toy, use a vibrator designed for anal stimulation instead.

Oral Sex & Popsicles

Popsicles may be the most perfect edible sex toy. Not only are they an ideal shape, but also the handle makes them easier to use than bananas or other items. Take a popsicle in your favorite flavor and gently insert it inside your partner’s vagina as if it were a dildo or vibrator. The coldness of it inside the warmth of her body is going to send chills through her body and definitely kick her arousal up a notch.

You can either thrust the popsicle gently in and out of her body, or you can use the tip to rub circles around her clitoris. When most of the popsicle has melted, its your turn to use your tongue to lick up all of the melted sweetness.


Most people have heard of this sexual position but not as many have tried it, even though it provides both you and your partner with an ideal method of achieving orgasm. For those of you who are not familiar, this position would involve you performing oral sex on your partner while she is doing the same to you. Some couples prefer to use this technique in a side-to-side position while others prefer one partner to be one top of the other.

Either way, your biggest problem is going to be staying focused on pleasing your woman while you are being pleasured. This can be a tremendous distraction and often sixty-nine sessions end with the man climaxing before the woman even has a chance. This possibility can be reduced if she is sufficiently aroused before you get started.

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