Oral Sex Techniques That Will Make Your Girl’s Legs Shake!


Oral sex is a great way to give your partner an orgasm before sex. Here are easy to use tricks that will stroke and lick your lover into orgasm frenzy!


The obvious choice for licking the clitoris is vertical (top to bottom, or bottom to top), but side-to-side also has its advantages too. When you lick side-to-side, you’re moving your tongue in a way that you normally wouldn’t, and thus, it’ll take you a bit longer and it may even offer a bit more resistance than just vertically licking her. Because of this, side-to-side licks are best for when you want to arouse your partner quickly with a bit more pressure, as this will feel very different to her. Make sure there is adequate lubrication as well with side-to-side, as they can abrade a bit more because your tongue will hit angles on her Clitoral Hood that it normally wouldn’t find otherwise.


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Licking a woman’s clitoris on the diagonal is more than just moving your tongue from one side to another on a slant; if you try, you’ll likely be able to do a few, but anything more than that will probably give you a kink in your tongue. Instead use leverage to get a good diagonal lick going, by cocking your head to one side and using her inner thigh as a place to rest your head. Then start at the bottom corner, and give her one full lick up and across the clitoris until it reaches the opposite, far corner.

Even with propping your head up during oral sex, you’ll find that this isn’t an easy position to keep for any length of time. Plus, it’s a bit challenging on the mouth as well, because you’re using the side of your tongue more than the flat top or tip as you would with the other tongue strokes. Use the diagonal lick judiciously, especially when you want to throw an element of unpredictability in cunnilingus, as well as a totally unique feeling for both of you.

The Precision Lick

This is a very pointed lick, where you’re licking a certain area repeatedly until a certain goal is achieved. Maybe it’s to inflame her sexually, or you want to create a bit of repetition so that her clitoris gets used to your tongue strokes. No matter what the reason, use this tongue stroke when you want to pay special attention to a certain area, and make the licks short and quick like you are devouring the best ice cream cone of your life. When you find a part of her anatomy that is particularly delectable, spend even more time in this area with these precise licks, adding pressure and speeding things up accordingly.


In this tongue stroke, your finger follows your tongue wherever it goes, like a shadow. So if your tongue gives a long, wet, firm lick, then your finger should do the same thing. Quick, short and light? Keep the finger following with the same tempo and pressure. The difference between the soft wetness of your tongue and the firm give of your finger can really drive her wild, trying to predict what’s next, what will touch her, and how.

Using A Flat, Firm Tongue

A flat, still tongue is one of the most used tongue strokes in this series, yet most people upon reading it, scoff and think, “There’s no way not doing anything can actually do something.” And yet, if you’ve learned anything by now through this process, you’ve learned that sometimes taking a break is the best thing you can do.

When I say a flat tongue, I mean just that. Flat, firm, and as still as possible. It’s a pressing motion, like flattening a pancake. Stay still with flat tongued strokes, and let her build some resistance. Have her move below you, trying to get some more friction buildup. See what parts of her body undulate and contort to get more from you while you’re flat-tongued, and learn what she likes in turn. This is also an excellent tool to use when she’s feeling disconnected; just look up at her and make eye contact while still connected to her clitoris with your flat tongue, and give her a playful wink.

Spring Into Action

After you’ve teased her a bit with your flat, still tongue, do the exact opposite: spring into action like you’re a man gone wild, with light but pointed flicks around her clitoris that are completely unpredictable and as fast as you can possibly muster them. Then go back to the flat, still tongue routine and have her begging for more.


So named after the vacuum – this tongue lick is meant to apply a gentle sucking pressure to her clitoris so that blood fills the clitoris and brings her closer to climax.

This technique is similar to a relatively expensive device on the market called the Eros, which uses suction to engorge the clitoris with blood while increasing lubrication and pleasurable sensations leading to orgasm. Small clinical trials found that none of its test subjects had less sensation, orgasms or lubrication after using the device, and all saw measurable increases in all three measures. Plus, the study found that 100% of the women in the study diagnosed with female sexual dysfunction felt more clitoral sensation after using the Eros.

Therefore, use a gentle Hoover-like technique when you want to increase blood flow, sensation and lubrication in your partner.

The ABC’s

You can also use an alphabet tongue stroke series to arouse your partner and enhance unpredictability, but at certain stages of female sexual response, you will want to offer some predictable rhythms with unpredictable accents or angles. That’s where the numbers tongue strokes come in; instead of using the whole alphabet, use just one letter over and over again, emphasizing one select part of the flow. Maybe “?” marks the spot for you, where you use several diagonal licks to get the point across, or “?” works even better by avoiding the clitoris completely and teasing around it instead.

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