The 4 Do’s And Don’ts While Getting Head


Oral sex is something every guy wants, but if you make any of these mistakes, you’re likely not getting it again. Here’s how to mind your oral sex p’s and q’s.

1. DO NOT Grab The Back Of Her Head And Shove

Yes, I know this one should be obvious, but it’s amazing to me how many guys try to turn their women into Linda Lovelace on day one. Remember, you’re trying to make giving head a pleasurable and FUN and POWERFUL experience for her.

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Especially the first few times, you’ve got to make sure she feels like she’s in charge and can start or stop the process whenever she wants.

At least at first, keep your hands out of the equation entirely. Don’t touch her head. Don’t grab her.  Down the line she might discover she likes it when you grab her head and when you treat her a little roughly, but for now you gotta keep things basic.

2. DO Make EYE CONTACT With Her

Remember that whole “women don’t like fellatio because it’s degrading/dehumanizing?” Yeah, we’re nipping that one in the bud. While she’s giving you head LOOK AT HER. Look her right in the eye and smile with pleasure and appreciation.

By making eye contact you establish a real connection between you while she’s blowing you and make it much more something you’re SHARING than something she’s doing TO you.

3. DO Give Her Gratitude And Appreciation

OK, guys, if you lie there like a dead fish your chances of getting ANOTHER blowjob are pretty much nil. Women are nurturers. They will do almost anything for that gratitude and appreciation. Where guys make the mistake is by making oral sex too much about them. Even if you’re the one getting the PHYSICAL pleasure, you’ve got to make the woman feel good about herself.

While she’s giving you head you’ve got to let her know how GOOD it feels, how much you APPRECIATE what she’s doing and how INCREDIBLY SEXY she is!

4. DO Show Her Technique And Give Constructive Criticism

OK, once you finally get the blowjob you’ve been dreaming of for who knows how long, you might be afraid to criticize her technique at all.

But I’m going to tell you right now that just staying quiet or ONLY giving positive feedback is a bad idea.

Here’s why:

  • Women are more observant than men and they can tell when we’re faking something.
  • If you don’t tell her something doesn’t feel good, she might assume it DOES feel good and keep doing it. Do you really want her to think you like it when she uses her teeth when you really want the opposite?

So how do you “guide” your woman without her taking offense?

Simple, you do it with the time tested and proven “Criticism sandwich.”

Step 1: Compliment her on something she did that you really like. “Oh, baby, your tongue on my cock feels soooo good.”

Step 2: Gently push her away from whatever she’s doing “wrong” (wrong is subjective. It’s just something you don’t like as much as you like something else) and towards what you want “OK, just loosen your lips a little bit and . . .”

Step 3: Give her HUGE positive reinforcement when she switches over to what you really want you to do. “OH, that feels soooo good. Thank you. You’re amazing.”

Get it?

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