3 Oral Sex Tips To Drive Her Wild With Razor Sharp Female Orgasms


Oral sex is one of the best ways to give your girlfriend or wife intense orgasms. And the most wonderful way for her to experience the ultimate excitement is by making her feel you will do anything for her without asking anything in return.

Cunnilingus, in simple terms, is oral sex for women. Cunnilingus gives a heightened sexual excitation in women. If you don’t know how to do this, then it will turn out to be just another forgettable experience for her.

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But with these 3 tips below, you will certainly triumph in bed and give her a truly memorable erotic adventure – complete with powerful orgasms, no less!

1. The Art Of Moving Your Tongue!

This can actually be compared to how a cat or a dog drinks from a bowl of water. Try observing these animals when they drink; you will see how their tongues move in and out of their mouths at a really fast pace.

This is exactly what your tongue should do when performing oral sex on a woman and put her in the mood quickly. To bring this intimate mood to the next level, get creative and try out various tonguing strokes (hint: circular strokes produce a tantalizing effect on most women).

2. Humming

To give your tongue some needed rest in between strokes, and to spice things up a little, try the “humming” technique. Make use of any melody that you can think of and hum it, with the position of your head remaining unchanged.

The vibration from the sound you are making will reach the vagina, providing additional stimulation to her clitoris.

3. Sex Toys Can Be Your Best Friends

Here’s a fact: No matter how good you are in bed, sometimes you need a little “help” to maximize her pleasure. Why not bring along something that can help you in bed, like a sex toy? You just need to know where and when you are going to use these.

I would recommend choosing a toy that is intended for anal stimulation. This is one of the most pleasurable sexual acts if done in a proper manner. Anal stimulation, together with clitoral stimulation with your tongue, can provide a deadly “combo” and trigger an intense female orgasm.

By giving your lady the satisfaction from oral sex, you can expect to be amply rewarded with something titillating in return… well, which hot-blooded man would refuse a fellatio (or male oral sex) in return? I bet you wouldn’t!

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