Ladies – What To Do With Your Pubic Hair Before Oral Sex


Oral sex is super pleasurable – but not if your man is wading through a forest to get there. Take care of your pubes first with these simple suggestions.

You no doubt know that showering is an important part of cunnilingus. It does two things – it makes you feel fresher and more comfortable with your body and it helps a man to enjoy your light, natural scent without feeling overpowered. Some couples more comfortable with each other may elect not to shower directly beforehand while others may consider it a rigorous part of the routine. Whichever you and your partner decide on is up to you – just make sure it is something that will make you both interested in and receptive to cunnilingus.

Discussing Pubic Hair Before Oral Sex

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An overgrown forest is probably not the best venue for a cunnilingus session. Not to say that the vulva has to be completely bare either. This is another aspect of cunnilingus that must be discussed with your partner beforehand if you’re both going to enjoy it. If you feel that being too bare and exposed with very little or no pubic hair on your vulva is uncomfortable, you will not be receptive to cunnilingus and may be too preoccupied worrying about your lack of hair to enjoy it.

Similarly, a man that is choking on massive amounts of pubic hair will not find cunnilingus enjoyable either. One thing that is important to note here is that an overgrowth of pubic hair will actually impede a woman’s ability to feel a warm, wet tongue on her vulva to the fullest extent. A good trim (or shave if you desire) is an excellent way to open up your vulva so that you can experience more of your partner’s efforts during cunnilingus.

Trimming Instead Of Shaving

If you are apprehensive about shaving your pubic hair, you can certainly try trimming it closely to the skin. Surprisingly, a good tool to use for this job is a man’s electric shaver. You can experiment with different lengths to find which one suits you best. You may find that pubic hair closely shorn to the skin is more comfortable and may give you a light, airy and clean feeling.

Something for you to remember – many women shave their pubic hair for the same reason they shave their armpits. Sweat sticks to thick, long hair and will begin to collect bacteria. Unfortunately, when this happens, a pungent and sometimes unpleasant odor will arise. For many women, keeping their pubic hair under control has become part of the daily beauty routine, as with the underarms.

Shaving Instead Of Trimming

For those who would like to shave, there are many options.  You can shave all your pubic hair off, or you can leave a small patch (sometimes called a “landing strip”) on the mons pubis. Shaving can sometimes be uncomfortable when it grows back, just like with shaving any other part of the body. Shaving bumps can occur and it can be itchy when growing back. Shaving, if done properly, however, can become a simple job. Here are some great tips if you choose to shave:

  • Soak in a warm bath for a few minutes before shaving to soften the hairs.
  • Conditioner can also be used on the hair to soften it – leave it on for several minutes.
  • Trim any long hair with scissors (or an electric shaver) before starting
  • Use disposable safety razors – never use a straight blade!
  • Use your hands to manipulate skin to stretch it out before shaving it (this will also keep important parts like the clitoris or your labia out of the way)
  • Use hypoallergenic, unscented soaps, shaving creams and lotions. It will cut down on irritation later.
  • Don’t use powder unless it’s cornstarch – studies show that talc leads to cervical cancer.
  • Use a mirror – a hand mirror works well. It’s easier if you can see what you’re doing!
  • Over-the-counter cortisone cream can help razor burn should it arise.

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