Oral Sex: 10 Hot Spots You DON’T Want To Miss!


Oral sex involves a woman's entire vulva - here are ten areas that you don't want to pass up when going down on your girl. The Clitoris The head of the clitoris is incredibly sensitive, hosting more than eight thousand nerve endings in its tiny package. When it becomes truly aroused, the hood, or … [Read more...]

Deep Throat Techniques That Will Leave Him Breathless And Begging For More!


Deep throat is a blowjob technique that many women can't do - but every guy wishes they could. Learn how to deep throat and make his fantasies come true!Okay, so you’ve been practicing your fellatio techniques and your partner loves it, but you’re ready to pull a few more tricks out of your bag. … [Read more...]

Oral Sex Techniques That Will Make Your Girl’s Legs Shake!


Oral sex is a great way to give your partner an orgasm before sex. Here are easy to use tricks that will stroke and lick your lover into orgasm frenzy! Side-To-Side The obvious choice for licking the clitoris is vertical (top to bottom, or bottom to top), but side-to-side also has its advantages … [Read more...]