7 Blowjob Tips That Will Turn His Knees To Jelly


A blowjob is heavenly for a guy - even if you suck at it (pun intended). If you're feeling like your oral sex skills are sub-par, spicing up your routine a bit isn't difficult. These seven tips will show you how to step up your game when it comes to giving your partner fellatio and you'll learn how … [Read more...]

My Girl Stopped Giving Me A Blowjob. What Do I Do?


When it comes to oral sex, my girlfriend was the best. She used to give me a mind-blowing blowjob. Now, oral sex is nonexistent in our sex life. How do I get a blowjob back? What She Said A great way to receive is to make sure you’re giving. Have you also dropped the service of your girlfriend’s … [Read more...]