Blowjob Tip #1 – Why It’s a Gift, Not an Obligation


Men love to get blowjobs - in fact, many men prefer getting oral sex to vaginal intercourse and sometimes, it's their favorite type of stimulation of all time. Naturally, women who want to please their partners want to find out the best blowjob tips and advice so they can be an oral sex master - … [Read more...]

Blowjob Tip: How To Make Her Want To Give You More Oral Sex


Men want blowjobs - it's a fact of life. Some women enjoy giving blowjobs, but others don't. What if you're a guy with a gal who you wish would give you more oral sex? Does she not do it enough? Does she not do it at all? Either way, you wish she would go down on you more. How do you get her to want … [Read more...]