5 Oral Sex Mistakes Men Make


Oral sex isn't something every guy is good at. Are you making one of these crucial oral sex mistakes? You'll be surprised at what you find out!She’s lying on the bed, legs spread, and slides her panties to the side - you know what she wants.She’s kissing you roughly, pushing your hands away from … [Read more...]

How To Finger A Woman During Oral Sex


Fingering can bring a whole new level of pleasure to oral sex, but it's easy to get wrong! Here's how to finger a girl while you go down on her. Using Your Hands Hands and fingers are the most popular complement to oral sex for both men and women. Let’s face it – there are times when using our hands … [Read more...]

How To Use Oral Sex To Help Introduce Your Partner To Anal Pleasure


Oral sex can be an excellent bridge to first time anal sex if you're careful how you go about it. Here's what to do to get the ball rolling on anal play. The Connection Between Oral Sex And Anal Sex What’s the connection? It’s best to start slowly introducing anal play to your partner while you’re … [Read more...]