Q&A: How Can I Get Her To Let Me Finish In Her Mouth?


It’s no secret that guys absolutely love blowjobs. In fact, many men would prefer getting a blowjob to having sex. Some women, however, don’t like giving men oral sex and especially don’t like the idea of swallowing semen when he has an orgasm. Is there any way to get a girl turned on by the idea of giving her man oral sex?

Question: Hello, I am 32 and been with my girlfriend for 9 years. In the past, we have had oral sex a lot and in the past 4 years it has went downhill at 65 mph. She would rather stroke it off or just have sex. She on the other hand loves receiving oral sex. How can I get her to give me oral and finish the job? She doesn’t like the taste, and the thought of it makes her sick. I crave it very badly!

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The biggest complaint that women have about giving oral sex is that they don’t like the taste of semen. Some men’s semen is bitter, or too salty, and just doesn’t taste good going down. If your partner has no problem with the temperature or texture of semen – only the taste of it – there are some ways you can improve the taste of your ejaculate. Start by eliminating toxins such as alcohol and cigarettes if you smoke, and add lots of vegetables and fruits to your diet. Pineapple juice or fresh pineapple is a great way to quickly make your semen taste sweeter. You can try to compromise with your partner and let her know that you’re doing things to improve the taste of your ejaculate and ask her if she’ll try again.

Don’t Pressure Her

Many women don’t like the temperature or texture of semen, and no amount of fresh pineapple will change that. If your partner really doesn’t like the idea of you finishing in her mouth and swallowing your ejaculate, don’t pressure her. There are just some things that many women won’t do, and swallowing is one of them. Don’t make a big deal out of it, because you may end up getting cut off from getting a blowjob all together, if that hasn’t already happened. If your partner has made it clear that letting you finish in her mouth is just something she’s not willing to do, pressing the issue could do damage to your relationship both sexually and emotionally. It’s important that on this issue, you respect her wishes if you can’t reach a compromise with her.

Trying Different Things

There are many different things you and your partner can do in the bedroom to satisfy each other sexually. If you are uncomfortable doing something or your partner is, make an effort to find something else that you both like to do and can agree on. Try incorporating role play, light bondage or sex toys into the bedroom to heat things up, or take a break from sex all together for awhile – called “sex detox” – to help restart your engines. Don’t give up on finding new ways to please your partner and receive pleasure yourself , because there is always something new to try!

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