Q&A: Oral Sex – How Do I Get Him To Go Down On Me?


Girls love oral sex just as much as a guy loves blowjobs. But many guys don’t give their partners as much oral sex as they would like! If you’re really into receiving oral sex from him but only find yourself on the giving end, here’s how to get your partner to go down on YOU as much as you go down on him!

Question: I have a question that I can’t ever seem to find an answer to. I always hear advice like “how to get her to go down on you more.” But what I want to know is how do I get HIM to go down on ME more?

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Your partner may not be aware that you really love getting oral sex. He may think you love giving head more! So tell him point blank that you really enjoy it and want him to do it. Some guys need straightforward information to get a clue that you’re really into something or really want to try something. If you’re a little shy about asking him, hint around at it. Tell him how much you love the idea of oral sex period, for both men and women. Watch a sexy movie together and when a guy goes down on a girl, tell him how hot it gets you.

Find Out Why He Doesn’t Like It

There are many reasons why some guys don’t like oral sex. Find out what his reason is! Does it hurt his neck? Would sitting on a pillow or using a different position help? Or is he more receptive to trying simultaneous oral sex, better known as the sixty nine position? Find out why he doesn’t like it or isn’t doing it – without being critical towards him – and try to remedy those issues. If you’re critical towards him when he’s being open with you about why he doesn’t like giving oral sex, he’ll shut down and any chance you have of getting him to do it will fly out the window.

Hygiene And Body Chemistry

Hygiene is one of the biggest reasons guys don’t like giving oral sex. He may have had a bad experience before where smell and taste is concerned, and he may think that all girls are like that. Make sure you are clean, up to the point of taking a shower right before having oral sex. Keep an eye out for things like yeast or bacterial infections that can upset the natural pH of the vagina and cause things like odor and discharge. If pubic hair is an issue for him, consider trimming or shaving completely. It also may be a body chemistry thing. His semen has a certain taste to it, and so do your vaginal secretions. Your particular taste may not be something that jives with his own chemistry and it may not taste good to him no matter how clean you are. Body chemistry mismatches happen more often than people think. Try eating some sweet fruit like pineapple or strawberries to make your secretions taste sweeter, and avoid things like cabbage, garlic, onions or other strong foods.

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